What Your Enneagram Says About Your Skincare Routine

What Type Are You? 

To those of you who have been living under a rock and do not know about the psycho - social theory called “Enneagram.” No need to fear, we got you covered. We not only want to give you a few tidbits about your Enneagram type. We want to share how your type may match up to some of your favorite beauty devices. Now, let’s get started shall we? 

To put it in layman's terms, Enneagram consists of 9 different personality types. These types are meant to describe your personality, your motivations, and your downfalls.

For more information on the Enneagram, visit: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-descriptions

To take a free test to discover which type you identify most with, visit: https://personalitypath.com/free-enneagram-personality-test/

Type One: The Reformer 

Type Ones are described as rational, idealistic, principled, ethical, self controlled and perfectionistic. If you have a type one in your life they are someone who you can count on. They are honorable, will always do their best to excel in everything they do, and will never disappoint you. They can do it all, and make it look easy! 

In the Vanity Planet arsenal, type one is Essia. She is compact, controlled, and she really does it all. She can lift your skin to help give you a youthful appearance. She can exfoliate and extract blackheads, excess dirt and debris. She can also moisturize to help maximize your serum absorption. And, just like our type ones you can count on her to do it all. 

Type Two: The Helper 

Type Twos are caring, helpful, generous, people - pleasers, and are willing to do anything to enhance the lives of those around them. Type twos are known for bringing people together, and doing all they can to fulfill and inspire those around them. They’re incredibly easy to get along with, and usually find their purpose by helping others. 

In our beauty devices lineup, type two is Raedia. Raedia is one of our best selling, tried and true devices. We aligned Raedia with type two because no matter what your skin concern is, or what device you pair her with she will always “help” that device to enhance your skin. She is dependable, easy to use, efficient, and can truly better your skin no matter what the issue. 

Type Three: The Achiever 

Type threes are success - oriented, adaptive, excelling, overachieving, driven, and image conscious. Most CEOs of companies, and high performing individuals are type threes. You will never see a type three late to work, or not looking as if they walked off a runway! They are hard working, and extremely focused. They are also incredibly concerned with their physical image, and will never not look spectacular. That is why our type three beauty device is Pose. 

Pose is an aesthetically beautiful device, but she also keeps you looking your best, anywhere - anytime. 

Type Four - The Individualist 

Type Four’s are the most emotionally driven, sensitive type. They are expressive, incredibly deep and intellectual and you never know what you are going to get! One day Type Four’s can be incredibly emotionally happy and the next second can be incredibly emotionally down. They are constantly changing. These types are incredibly loyal, long lasting friendships, and relationships are their number one priority. Type Four’s find their worth in being valuable and needed in the lives of those they love. 

With that being said, LEDA is our type four device. You never know what you will get… will she light up blue or will she light up red? Will she be combating acne? Or, will she be fighting anti - aging? LEDA is a stand out, stand alone device that can combat many issues at once. She is definitely a beauty device that is individualistic and is a valuable piece of your skincare routine. 

Type Five - The Innovator


Type five’s are intense, perceptive, innovative, secretive and can often be isolated. You can usually find type five’s hidden in a corner at a social function. They often can be described as home bodies. They are incredibly intellectual and generally have a high IQ. They like to spend their time indulging in activities that help further their education (reading, writing, studying) and expanding their minds.

That is why we chose Spin for Perfect Spin. This device is Vanity Planet’s very first device; it is a staple. It is dependable, and is an innovative beauty device. You always know you can depend on a type five, they are solid and loyal. Similarly, Spin for Perfect Skin will never let you down! 

Type Six - The Loyalist 

Type sixes are committed, security oriented, they are engaging, responsible, and dependable. Type sixes are the type of personality that will always have your back, and are determined to be someone who is a constant, reliable source in your life. They live life in the safe zone; they are not often into taking risks or pushing the boundaries. This is part of why sixes make great partners or friends. They are very emotionally intuitive and will always be a friend you can call in a crisis, because they will always show up. Sixes are practical. 

We chose our Elements Toothbrush to represent our type sixes! The toothbrush is practical, it is an item you use daily and need to be able to be productive. Similar to sixes, the toothbrush is an item that will always be there for you. 

Type Seven - The Enthusiast 

Type sevens are the life of any party! They have that adventurous personality that will propel from buildings and start a dance party. They are busy, fun loving, spontaneous, versatile, flexible, and often a bit all over the place. Nonetheless - that is what makes them so lovable. They are often the person who has many stories to tell, because unlike sixes they are always pushing the limits in life. Type sevens walk into a room and everyone turns, eager to see what they will say or do next. 

We chose Senia to represent our type sevens. Senia is a beauty device that turns heads. She is not only aesthetically pleasing, but she is a unique, one of a kind device that truly does it all! You could call her adventurous because she took Aira which is our hot facial steamer and added cool steam, plus six more customizable modes. This device is also perfect for type sevens… they often struggle to make up their minds, which works well since Senia has many options to choose from! 

Type Eight - The Challenger 

Type eights do their name justice, often challenging those in their personal and professional life to think outside of the box. Type eights are powerful, dominating, self confident, truth seekers. Type eights always “tell it like it is” and don’t hold back when it comes to sharing their thoughts and opinions! Type eights will jump in front of a speeding car to protect those they love, and are often referred to as the most loyal type. They are confrontational, and will confront even the most difficult situations to protect those in their life. There is no mystery with type eights, you always know what they are thinking and feeling because they don’t hold back. 

To show type eights intensity we chose Exfora, our Microdermabrasion Wand. Exfora combats one of the toughest skin concerns using an intense suctioning technique to rid the skin of dead skin cells, and clear out blackheads. Exfora leaves your skin feeling smooth, and fresh as a daisy! The same way type eights support and protect you, is the same way Exfora assures that your pores are clear and healthy. 

Type Nine - The Peacemaker 

Now, we are on our ninth and final type… type nines are the most easy going, go with the flow, receptive, reassuring, supportive, and agreeable type! Unlike type eights, you will almost never see a type nine cause any conflict or confront anyone. They always like to be flexible, and are never the one to raise their hand and ask for anything they need. They are easy to get along with, and are incredibly trusting. They are referred to as the peacemaker, because they truly do all they can to keep the peace and calm down any issues that may arise in their relationships. 

Our final device, that we paired with type nines is one of our best selling, claim to fame devices… Aira! Aira is a happy go lucky, easy to operate, efficient device. Similar to type nines she blows off steam, and never wants to cause any problems for the people who use her. 

We hope that this blog was a great way to introduce you to the famous psycho social theory of Enneagram. Now, go discover what your type is and snag the beauty device that aligns with you! 

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