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Acne Fighting LED Sonic Facial Brush 

$ 85
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

One Year Warranty

One Year Warranty on Devices

Power up your cleansing routine with the acne-combatting benefits from LED blue-light therapy. The safe and effective LEDA Blue Acne Fighting LED Sonic Facial Brush cleanses sensitive, blemish-prone skin with gentle, sonic-powered antibacterial silicone bristles while waving buh-bye to blemishes using blue LEDs.

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    FDA-approved Light Therapy


    Light Therapy

    Supercharged Sonic Cleansing


    Sonic Cleansing

    Gentle for Sensitive Skin

    Gentle for

    Sensitive Skin

    • Professional LED light therapy at home
    • FDA-approved LED blue light therapy for acne
    • 3 Customizable sonic brush modes
    • Antibacterial silicone
    • Soft, deep-cleansing massage
    • Removes pore-clogging impurities
    • Kills blemish-causing bacteria without harmful side effects
    • Gentle for sensitive skin and mild-to-moderate acne
    • Safe and effective for all skin types

    1 - Blue LED light therapy silicone cleansing brush unit

    Make your skincare routine a spa-like experience with a deep-cleansing massage and reparative FDA-cleared blue LED light therapy. In just a few minutes per day, you’ll combat pore-clogging impurities with gentle, sonic-powered antibacterial silicone bristles in 3 customizable modes. The best part? Your multi-tasking skincare skills just went next level since you’ll be cleansing your complexion while using blue-light wavelengths to kill blemish-causing bacteria and limiting sebaceous gland activity for less oil production—clear skin is in your future!


    • Deep clean blemish-prone skin with gentle blue LED light skin therapy
    • Gentle sonic-powered antibacterial silicone brush removes pore-clogging impurities
    • Dermatologists agree that blue LED light therapy benefits those with acne

    How to use:

    • Apply cleansing cream directly to silicone cleansing brush
    • Select cleansing mode
    • Cleanse skin using a circular motion

    User Manual

    Lost the original manual or want to know how to use the LED Blue Facial Brush? Check out our user manual below:

    Download LEDA Blue Sonic Facial Brush User Manual


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