Woman using the Raedia 2.0

Our Story

Pioneering Beauty Science, Embracing Pro-Aging.

At Vanity Planet, we redefine self-care with a commitment to high-performance, inclusive skincare essentials designed for everyone. Central to our brand ethos is the seamless fusion of cutting-edge beauty technology and scientifically driven, nature-inspired skincare principles. Vanity Planet represents a convergence of elevated beauty tech and Global Nourish Ritual Skincare, creating a potent synergy that revolutionizes beauty routines. Our mission is rooted in pro-aging principles, emphasizing visible enhancements that celebrate and amplify natural beauty across all stages of life.

Beauty Tech Synergy

Vanity Planet embodies luxury at its finest, meticulously curated to offer indulgent beauty experiences that surpass expectations. We marry sophisticated beauty innovations with the nurturing essence of nature, providing a sanctuary of opulence for those seeking personalized skincare solutions and transformative rituals that elevate the senses.

The Heralded Launch Of
Vanity Planet Tech + Global Nourish Skincare

With the infusion of new innovation and advanced systems, saw the integration of Global Nourish Skincare, a visionary skincare brand. Guided by a philosophy of pioneering beauty technology and crafted with a meticulous blend of efficacious, science-backed skincare formulations, Vanity Planet Beauty achieved a distinctive position as a trailblazer in integrating advanced beauty tools with mindful skincare solutions.

Your Best Skin Yet

We understand your quest for skin that looks healthy and radiant, which is why Vanity Planet continuously innovates accessible, best-selling skincare devices and advanced treatments tailored to diverse skin types. Our cult-favorite beauty tools and trend-forward wellness products bring spa-quality experiences to your home, promoting holistic well-being and empowering our VP Community with approachable paths to glowing skin and revitalizing rituals.

Our Journey So Far

Vanity Planet Beauty has led the beauty industry for over a decade with cutting-edge, personalized beauty technology tools. Embraced by beauty experts and influencers alike, our brand has expanded into omni-channel distribution, partnering with prestigious retailers such as Nordstrom, Anthropologie, and Net-A-Porter.

New Chapter

Birch Strategic Capital, led by Sergio Bechara as the principal, completed the acquisition of Vanity Planet on October 5th, 2023. This acquisition marks the beginning of a new chapter with a strong focus on integrating modern beauty technology and skincare. Teaming up with Inna Tumarin, who has been appointed CEO & FOUNDER, notably known for founding Global Nourish Skincare and successfully launching numerous globally recognized brands in the past, brings over 22 years of experience in aesthetics and international business trade. This partnership enhances our dedication to innovation and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Pro-Aging with Grace

Together, we aim to revolutionize the beauty industry by celebrating pro-aging and positivity. Inspired by Inna Tumarin's family legacy in skincare alchemy, our products blend advanced beauty tools with thoughtful skincare solutions. Our collection, enriched by ancient spa traditions and sustainable practices, invites you to explore a journey of transformation and Whole Body Beauty. Join us in embracing the artistry of pro-aging with Vanity Planet Tech + Global Nourish Skincare—a fusion of science and nature redefining beauty for empowered, radiant results.