The Benefits of LED Light Therapy for Your Skin

Let’s Get Lit!

Don’t worry, this isn’t a flashback to Biology class, but did you know that just as plants need light to grow, we need light for our cells for optimum skin health? Enter LED Light Therapy—the latest and greatest (and safest!) new source for creating energy in our skin cells.

Originally developed to help heal post-surgery scars, dermatologists and aestheticians around the globe realized LED had a positive effect on healthy skin, too. When light hits the upper layer of the skin at the appropriate wavelength, light converts to ATP—the scientific word for what cells need to rejuvenate and create collagen production (sorry to get all smarty-pants on you!).


LED Light has become more and more popular in at-home facial tools, giving consumers the power to flip the switch on skin imperfections.

I know many of you are probably thinking you don’t have time to add another tool into your routine, which is why we created the perfect multi-tasking cleansing brush, making it easier than ever to incorporate LED light into your regimen. 

The all-new LEDA LED Light Silicone Brush is FDA-approved to give you good, clean skin whether you choose to go with Red LED or Blue LED based on your own unique skin concerns. With daily use (either in the AM or PM—depending on what works for you!) you’ll notice a difference in skin texture and tone with consistent use. Plus, it’s an easy addition to any regular skincare routine. 

We personally LOVE waking up with Raedia in the AM to cleanse and exfoliate, then winding down at night with LEDA to cleanse and treat with LED light. No matter how you decide to add LEDA into your life, your skincare routine is definitely going to be next level.

No need to cleanse right now? The LEDA LED Light Silicone Brush also comes with a massage head to pamper the skin while reaping the benefits of LED light therapy. Want to just get a dose of LED light while binge-watching your fave show? Use the LED light mode without the cleansing brush to enjoy a warm, soothing treatment…sit back, relax, lights on! Designed with anti-bacterial silicone and gentle enough for all skin types, the LEDA LED Light Silicone Brush is a must-have addition to any skincare arsenal.

Trust us, your skin is gonna be lit!

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