BYOB | The Ultimate Bridesmaid Gift

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas the Bring the Glow Up

Every bridesmaid loves a good cocktail, right? Surprise your squad with our BYOB—Build Your Own Bundle. Whether you’ve chosen your teenage cousin Tawny or whacky Aunt Tina to stand by your side, there’s something for everyone’s beauty arsenal and unique skincare goals. 

We’ll take you through a step-by-step on how to create a beauty cocktail of goodies for each member of your bride tribe for only $99 (a $222 value—crazy, right?). With BYOB, you’re building the bundle and we’re bringing the beauty.


Ready to kickoff this BYOB thang? Tell the DJ to pump the base because we’ve packed exclusive products in our BYOB Bundles just for your girls. From the get-go, they’ll score an exclusive makeup bag with a blush faux snakeskin trim, reusable makeup remover pads (eco-friendly, yes please!), and a mini Pose Mirror for checkin’ themselves out—the perfect base to get beautified on your big day!


Hold the Dom, we’re poppin’ skincare for the bridesmaids this time. Choose between 3 of our most-loved skincare must-haves for a flawless complexion. 

Not a single person has the same exact skin, so this customization thing really comes in handy! Whether she’s in the need of a daily cleanser, cream or night serum, her skin is in good hands. She’ll be ready to shine and up for anything—maybe even a groomsman or two (wink, wink)!


The good skincare tools just keep on rollin’ with our two best-selling facial rollers—Defina Countour & Define Massage Roller or Rousa Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller. Rollers are the perfect tool to sooth puffiness and calm the complexion. Your bridesmaids will love keeping either of these in the fridge for an extra cool sensation and to depuff on mornings they need it most. Ahem…like after the bachelorette party.


Chisel that jawline and those cheekbones before the photographer shows up. Select one of our two top-selling contour tools to sculpt and define the contours of the face in just minutes. Every bridesmaid will love using this prior to applying their makeup for the perfect complexion lay down. They’ll be photo-ready in a snap!


Whelp, we saved the best for last—choose between two of our exclusive full-size makeup brush kits! Whether she’s more of a classic style or pretty in pink, she’ll have a brush for every blush under the sun with these vegan and cruelty-free sets. It’s the perfect present to get her ready for a beautiful day.

Fun, affordable bridesmaids gifts in just a few simple steps with this BYOB! I think your bridal party just got a major glow up! Cheers to that!

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