Gifts for Him: The One’s He Won’t Admit he Wants

Maybe his list says PS5, but we know his heart is really screaming VP

To all the men out there…we know you want to use our beauty tools and we’re totally here for it! We can’t even count how many times we’ve had our significant other spend the night and caught him reaching four our cleansing brush in the morning. Men deserve to feel pampered and pretty, too—which is one of the many reasons why we created our Onyx Collection

We’ve got the gifts for men to get the guy in your life beautified and leave him wanting more. There are literally no rules when it comes to beauty tools, and in our opinion, everyone should take good care of their skin. Just because you’re a man your pores don’t clog, you don’t get breakouts, and you don’t need a travel-friendly LED mirror? We think not. Let’s face it…this holiday, maybe his list says PS5, but we know his heart is really screaming VP!

Make Things Steamy

Picturing any man in a room full of steam, gets us hot, hot, hot! Turn him on to the enjoyment of creating his very own steam-sesh right in the comfort of his home with our Onyx Senia Smart Facial Steamer

With hot and cold modes, he’ll easily elevate everyday grooming to spa-level. May we suggest a pre-shave steam to prep skin for exfoliation and prevent in-grown hairs or perhaps a post-workout cooldown to relax and unwind? No matter what, he’ll be spending more time in the bathroom and we’re okay with that!

Strike That Pose!

We love this gift for any man that’s on the go. Whether he’s camping out in a tent with his boys or always jet setting on a business trip, the Onyx Mini Pose LED Mirror To Go makes sure he’s looking fly. 

The sleek design of this LED mirror is one of the many gifts it gives, allowing him to groom anytime, anywhere. With dimmable and adjustable white, yellow, blue lights and a self-standing feature, he’ll be set up for skincare success (while looking real, damn good!) and for whatever he wants to take a closer look at.

Keep It Clean (Sometimes)

He’ll love taking this baby for a spin! Much more efficient than that bar of soap he’s got sitting on his bathroom sink—our Onyx Raedia Facial Brush will help to open the pores, gently removing dirt and oil and prep his skin for the perfect shave. 

This waterproof tool can be taken in the shower (we know he loves to multi-task!) and with four interchangeable brush heads for face and body, you’ll give him the gift of good, clean skin this holiday. Plus, it all comes complete with a black zipped-up tote so he can keep his skincare on lock while on the go.

Do You Even Lift, Bro?

Not only does our Onyx Essia Exfoliating Skin Spatula dig out dirt, oil, and impurities from clogged pores, but it lifts and tightens the skin using ultrasonic oscillation and electrical muscle stimulation, too! He’ll easily renew a bright and blemish-free complexion at the push of the button, helping remove ingrown hairs from shaving, stubborn blackheads, and dead skin cells. With the penetration power to dig deep (3-5mm to be exact!) into the skin, he’ll prep for superior product absorption in no time. Plus, he’ll secretly (or not so secretly) love to tighten and lift the inner facial muscles, leaving him looking as snatched as Derek Zoolander.

Weight For It

New Year’s resolutions don’t always have to be a post-holiday bummer. For the man in your life that’s looking to get in tip-top shape in 2022, our FormFit+ Bluetooth Body Composition Smart Scale is the gift they’ve been “weight-ing” for. This Bluetooth-enabled, high-tech smart scale connects with a smartphone wireless app to work as a weight scale, BMI scale, and body fat scale. Plus, he’ll easily analyze 13 fitness metrics and track his body composition with accurate BIA technology. 

So, if he’s planning on heading to the gym as soon as the holidays are over to get his pump on, he’s gonna love staying on track and keeping off the weight with this handy tool. We swear, his bod will thank you…in more ways than one!

Say, “Cheese!”

Sleek and chic for any man’s bathroom sink—our Elements Sonic Toothbrush provides a stylish new meaning to oral care. Just like the man in your life, this toothbrush is a multi-tasking master! With UV sanitation and tailored brushing modes to meet his needs, those pearly whites will be kept clean without sacrificing for some nerdy, dental design.

Plus, there’s even a two-minute brushing timer to ensure he’s brushing the ADA-recommended time, while a 30-minute interval reminds you to switch sides. Now, that’s some seriously good, healthy-teeth habits!

Now, even though all these gift ideas may not literally make it on his list this holiday, we promise he’ll still be thanking you long after he rings in the new year.

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