The Ultimate Skincare Gifts for the Beauty Guru

A Skincare Gift Guide for Anyone on the Good List 

Ready to start making your list and checking it twice? With the rumors about shipping delays this year, we’re already kick-starting our holiday shopping and would totally rather be safe than sorry. Over the last 18 months, everyone under the sun has spent more time caring for their skin. 

During the holidays people used to ask for makeup and jewelry, but now Botox and better skincare tools are at the top of holiday wish lists. Which is why we’ve created a guide to our top gifts for every skin guru out there—no matter who you’re shopping for, you’re bound to win the award for best beauty gift-giver this year...all you have to do is wait for all the thank-you cards to come in the mailbox!

Exfora Personal Microdermabrasion Wand

For the pore-fectionist on your gift list, this tool tops the charts. Turn this baby on and save them a trip to the derma because with the Exfora Microdermabrasion Wand, they’ll exfoliate and suck all the gunk outta those pores in four minutes, flat! The medical-grade, diamond-encrusted heads are interchangeable depending on what their skin needs now, plus they’ll also be able to adjust the suction strength to their unique comfort level. 

Could it get any smarter? It sure can! The smart screen on the front of this electronic tool digitally directs how to treat problematic areas for a very virtual experience. They’ll unblock impurities, blackheads, and say buh-bye to acne breakouts right from their own home.


Pair this present with our Forever Young Hot & Cold Rejuvenating Facial Wand to help open and close pores for the ultimate pro-level treatment. Turn up the heat to open pores for maximum absorption of serums and moisturizers. Then cool things down and shrink pores (preferably after exfoliating with Exfora!) to calm inflammation or puffiness. With these two tucked under the tree, they (& their skin!) will be singing a happy tune by the fire.

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Essia Ultrasonic Exfoliating Skin Spatula

Lifting, firming, and dislodging blackheads is bound to be on everyone’s wish list. With the help of this high-frequency, ultrasonic oscillation technology and electrical muscle stimulation, they can penetrate the skin like a pro by 3-5mm. What exactly does that mean? We know it sounds a bit scientific for a casual blog-read, but it basically means they will get the most out of their skincare, while keeping pores happy and healthy! And who wouldn’t want that? 

With three specialty modes, the Essia Ultrasonic Exfoliating Skin Spatula will vibrate to remove blackheads, create the perfect moisturizer laydown, and lift under the skin to depuff and rid fine lines. Talk about a holiday glowup!


Has somebody been twice as nice? Make this holiday steamy with our Senia Hot and Cold Smart Facial Steamer and give them the gift of creating a steam room whenever, wherever. With Smart Steam technology, they’ll experience hot and cold aromatherapy combined with a luxe cleansing treatment to soothe all senses and give a spa-like experience at the push of a button. The best part? Senia pairs great with Essia to help unclog pores, detoxify, and hydrate skin for the ultimate product prep.  

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Leda LED Light Silicone Face Brush

Grab your friendly jetsetter a Leda LED Silicone Face Brush and literally light up their holidays. These gentle, sonic-powered pals are cute and compact (perfect for someone always on the go!) and is available in Blue or Red LED light therapy. Help them diminish fine lines and wrinkles with the red LEDs and rid acne with the flip of a switch with blue LEDs. Honestly, these LEDs are better than anything you’ll see on top of a tree—Rockefeller can’t even compare!


For anyone on Santa’s “nice” list this year, gift them both Leda Red and Blue LED Light Silicone Face Brushes. Because who doesn’t deserve to have perfectly smooth skin, amiright?

Fria Skincare Fridge

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, and it’s definitely chilly in our Fria Skincare Fridge, too! If you’ve got someone on your list who’s a skincare-product junkie, gifting them a space to keep it all safe is the perfect pick for them. 

Not only does this adorable mini fridge look chic as hell on top of any vanity but keeping skincare and skin tools stored in cooler temperatures ensures that products last longer and perform better—preserving clean ingredients and maintaining peek optimal freshness. So, wrap this sexy thing up and chill out all season long.


Your giftee someone you wanna roll with? Grab one of our face rollers like Defina or Rousa to store in the coolest spot in your beauty arsenal. Rolling one of these bad boys along the curves of your face at a cooler temperature, tightens pores and depuffs the skin instantly!

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Beauty Lover Advanced Bundle

For your fave friend who deserves it all, gift them our Beauty Lover Advanced Bundle—six of our top-selling picks, perfect for the glamour-obsessed. They’ll scrub-a-dub-dub with Raedia Facial Cleansing Brush with interchangeable brush heads and take an ionic steam with our Aira Facial Steamer and set themselves up to glow into the new year with their most radiant skin. 

Plus, whether they’re rolling, lifting, or ridding blackheads, there’s a tool for that. No matter what their skin is wishing for this holiday, we’ve got it right here…all wrapped up in a bow.

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Whether you’re shopping for your cute, younger cousin or your crazy-wild gal pal, we can promise that beautiful skin is everyone’s favorite holiday gift. 

Happy Holidays!


Contributed by Sarah Ashley Cutrona

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