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March 20, 2019

Facial Brushes—The Secret to Skincare

Simplify your skincare routine with our Ultimate Skin Spa Facial Cleansing System!

In today's world of constant stimulation and endless tasks, time is the ultimate luxury.

So, setting aside this precious resource for your personal wellness, while often overlooked, needs to be prioritized. 

At Vanity Planet, we’ve created a facial brush that delivers all the benefits of a professional spa experience (without ever leaving the comfort of your home). Save the time spent on booking, commuting and attending appointments—along with potentially saving thousands yearly in skin treatments.

Ultimate Skin Spa has the unique ability to radically improve your skin texture, elasticity and overall complexion. With micro bristles designed to penetrate deep, dead skin cells are eliminated, speeding up natural cell turnover to remove debris, free the epidermis of impurities and stimulate lymphatic drainage. 

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and needs an equal amount of care. That’s why Ultimate Skin Spa helps your skin absorb oxygen and thrive, naturally helping to alleviate potential breakouts, dullness and rough or dry skin.

For the first time, a smooth and radiant glow is easier than ever to reveal (and is more affordable than ever)! By investing in quality tools like our facial brush, you maximize the money you spend on serums and moisturizers because, with your skin so clean and fresh, absorption of your products is greatly enhanced.

For those battling rosacea or adult acne, our facial brush is amazing at tackling bacteria that can be transmitted by your fingertips. And, with our sonic technology, our brushes are gentle on your skin, preventing breakage—all while being powerful enough to activate your cleanser, getting to small areas your hands just can't reach.

Great skin is the key to confidence. And, who doesn't want to be the best version of themselves? Meet Ultimate Skin Spa, the secret to better skincare and your new best friend.


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