Aera: Your (At-Home) Spa Day

When we launched Aera, we wanted to bring the therapeutic and detoxifying session you could only get from a pricey and timely spa day to the comfort of your own home.

The response?

We instantly sold out of Aera, twice. First in November. Then, in December.

And it isn’t hard to see why we just couldn’t keep it in stock. Aera is a pro at detoxifying your skin, releasing the impurities and dead skin cells that can buildup and cause inflammation and breakouts.

The secret? Aera takes water and breaks it into nano-sized molecules, infusing them with ions that penetrate deep, hydrating your skin like never before.

And this nano-amplified steam does more than just cleanse and refresh. With your pores open and clear, you’ll be ready for the rest of your skincare routine because your skin can now absorb more of your favorite products for enhanced benefits.

Perfect for all skin types, it helps you shed the stress (and debris) of the day and move forward with smooth, clarified skin and a revitalized state of mind.

Did we mention that Aera redefines what it means to indulge in self-care? Essential oils take your rest and relaxation to a whole new level by lightly scenting your session to soothe your mind and senses.

Therapeutic steam. A professional detox session. Your very own spa.

Need we say more?

It’s time to see why people can’t get enough of Aera for yourself.
But, if history has anything to say about it, our next batch won’t last long.

Reserve yours now to book your (at-home) spa day before they sell out (again).

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