EASE : Needle Free Firm Skin is a SNAP

Nobody likes needles. Sometimes we’re willing to ensure a little short-term pain to get smooth skin free of wrinkles and fine lines though. So, we dutifully march into get our Botox® injections to relax away those wrinkles and lines.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

SNAP-8™ peptide doesn’t need needles for you to get similar results. All you need is the right solution to deliver the same anti-aging effect. The future of skin care is SNAP-8 and similar kinds of non-invasive treatments.

What Does Botox® Do?

By now everyone knows that Botox® is made from the botulinum toxin—though in low enough concentration that it won’t cause any actual long-term harm. What you perhaps don’t know, though, is precisely how it works.

Botox® blocks the nerve signals that cause your facial muscles to contract. These contractions are what cause fine lines and wrinkles in your forehead and around your eyes and mouth. When you paralyze these muscles with Botox®, your skin smooths out for the duration of the toxin’s lifecycle.

What Is SNAP-8?

SNAP-8 is an octapeptide that reduces wrinkles caused by facial muscle contractions by similarly reducing neuronal activity. However, rather than blocking the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, SNAP-8 destabilizes the SNARE complex that allows vesicle fusion in the cells. This similarly prevents the release of neurotransmitters, though in a different way and in a less specific manner.

The bottom line, though, is that SNAP-8 blocks the nerve signals that cause your facial muscles to contract and create crow’s feet and laugh lines. Even better, it does so without having to use either a toxin or a needle.

The fact that you can get SNAP-8 in anti-aging, anti-wrinkle solutions means you can reap the benefits on a daily basis rather than having to go out and make an appointment. And the fact that you can do it at home rather than having to make an appointment means it’s a great deal cheaper—for similar results.

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