6 Must Have Facial Tools for 2021

As the new year is upon us, and we all have become professional facialists this past year the Vanity Planet team wants to share their top six must have facial tools of 2021. This past year has taught us that nothing is more valuable than self care. We invite you on a journey to healthier skin. 2021 is a year of endless possibilities, let’s start by tackling skincare tools. 

1. Dermaflash

dermaflash, peach fuzz, exfoliate, peel

Are you someone who struggles with peach fuzz all over your face? Do you LOVE to exfoliate? The Dermaflash is the tool for you! Dermaflash instantly removes peach fuzz, built up debris, and dead skin cells. Skip the chemical peel and invest in a Dermaflash. Pain free, fuss free, and once you're done your skin will be as fresh as a daisy. 

2. Gua Sha

Rose Quartz, jade, gua sha, roller, puffy skin, circulation, inflammation, chronic pain
After a fun night out of eating, drinking, and oversleeping many of us wake up, look in the mirror and RUN! The Gua Sha, a Rose Quartz Facial Roller is here to save the day. This skin roller is an innovation that is a part of traditional Chinese medicine. This tool is an all natural, alternative therapy that involves scraping your face in order to improve circulation and reduce puffy skin. Gua Sha has also been known to help with inflammation, and chronic pain. Stay tuned, a beautiful Gua Sha may be coming soon. 

3. Facial Steamer

Aira, Facial Steamer, beauty tools, at home spa, wellness, facial, steam
Introducing the Vanity Planet Facial Steamer, Senia. If you are a loyal mVP, or a fan of the Aira you will adore our Senia Facial Steamer. The Senia is a Hot and Cold aromatherapy Facial steamer. The Senia has six customizable settings that will purify your skin and take you on a wellness journey. 

4. Microdermabrasion

exfoliate, microdermabrasion, exfora, dead skin cells, smooth, complexion, clean pores
There are plenty of products on the market that help to rejuvenate your skin, and get rid of dead skin cells. But, there is nothing like a facial exfoliation tool to truly give you the smoothest, freshest skin. Microdermabrasion can enhance smoothness, brighten complexion, reduce fine lines, even your skin tone, and deep clean your pores… sign me up! 

5. Ice Roller 

ice roller, skin roller, puffy skin, ageless glow, radiant
The Skin Roller is an invigorating and awakening spa experience. It is one of the most user friendly tools on the market. All you do is throw this baby in the freezer, pull it out after a few hours and roll your entire face towards your hair line. This tool stays cold for up to four hours. Not only does the ice roller help to boost circulation, but it brings your blood to the surface of your skin which helps to restore a radiant and ageless glow.

6. Facial Cleansing Brush

exfoliate, glow skin, facial cleansing brush, fresh skin, compact, travel case
Everyone needs a good facial cleansing brush, this is a tool that never goes out of style. This 5 star exfoliant helps lead you to cleaner, glowier, and fresher skin. The VP Facial Cleansing Brush is a non negotiable in anyone’s skincare routine. It is compact, easy to transport, and covers all the bases! If you don’t have a Raedia, what are you waiting for?  
Each of these tools are leading you on the journey to healthier, fresher skin. Which of the above must have skincare tools are you most excited about? 

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