A Road Map to Healthier Skin

It’s a new year (can I get an AMEN! That 2020 is over) and with the new year always comes new resolutions and new goals for the year ahead. For most of us, those goals revolve heavily around health and fitness. Food and alcohol detoxes, clean eating, daily workout routines… 
But what about your skin health? 2021 is a new year to healthier skin and VP wants to help you achieve all of your skincare goals this year.
Skincare isn’t a luxury, Skincare is an extension of your health and wellness.
Healthy skin starts from within. What is going on inside your body begins to reflect on the outside, aka on your skin. So let’s talk about a few things we can add to our daily skincare routine that will not only improve our skin but the overall health of our bodies as well #winwin

1. Stay Hydrated

We’ve heard it before and it’s still one of the most important things we forget daily. Hydration is key to healthy skin, and if you’re not drinking enough water your skin is going to suffer the consequences. Make sure you are drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day. Finding yourself a super cute water bottle will definitely make this new habit that much easier.

2. It's all in the Gut

We’re learning that so much of our overall health starts in our gut microbiome, and our skin is no exception. An imbalance of bacteria (I’m talking about good bacteria) in our gut often leads to inflammation. And inflammation presents itself as red, sensitive skin, wrinkles, rashes, and even acne (and that’s only when it comes to skin!).
So how can we work toward a balanced gut, better digestions and healthier glowing skin? 

Take a look at your diet. Is it heavy in inflammatory foods such as wheat, dairy, sugar, soy? Start eliminating inflammatory foods from your diet and add more nutrient dense, whole foods. I promise your body and your skin will thank you!! 

On top of regulating the foods you consume, it’s important to take a probiotic and digestive enzymes daily, as well as other skin supplements like collagen, that help to seal the gut wall for healthier conditions. Healthier gut, healthier skin, happier you!

3. Let Your skin Breath

Our skin is our biggest organ. This is something we know, we’ve all heard it before, but another one we so easily forget. What we do and don’t put on our skin matters. With a lot more WFH time, it’s a no brainer to slow down your makeup routine and let your skin breath. It’s our biggest organ remember, and it needs oxygen too. 

Try a few no makeup days a week (if you can), or as we at VP like to say, WEAR YOUR SKIN NAKED. If this isn’t an option for you, make a conscious effort to get naked ;) first thing when are in for the night, instead of waiting until right before bed. Or sleeping with it on…. something we’ve all been guilty of, but not this year! We’re kicking that nasty habit. 
Let’s chat about Maskne… as if we needed something else contributing to breakouts. 

How can we help reduce maskne? 

If you’re wearing a mask all day, forgo the face makeup and go clean faced under your mask. This allows your skin to breath and helps you avoid makeup and bacteria build up that leads to clogged pores and breakouts.
A few other tips to combat maskne:
    • Wash your face - Make sure you are washing your face before AND after wearing the mask.
    • Moisturizer is key! Always apply before wearing your mask
    • Wear only clean masks – Don’t reuse the same mask every day without washing it (pro tip: stick to a fragrance free, non toxic laundry detergent). This will help you avoid makeup and bacteria build up that causes breakouts
    • Choose the right mask – consider fabric (synthetic fabrics are a no go) and how tight/loose it fits your face to avoid skin irritation

4. Make more time for Self Care

It’s not news to us that stress can worsen any health related issue, including those of our skin. Stress can cause us to eat less healthy foods, get poor sleep and fall off our normal skincare routine, all of which contribute to healthy skin. So make sure you are making time for you!

5. Skincare Essentials

Like I already mentioned, skincare is an extension of your health and wellness. So think of your skincare products like vitamins for your skin. And just like vitamins, it doesn’t have to be a 10 product routine, but you should be using the essentials. Every good skincare routine includes a Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer.


6. Take it to the next Level

Ok so maybe you’re already equipped with the essentials, and this year you’re ready to take your healthy skin routine to the next level. Then #6 is for you. Let’s take your skincare routine up a notch or two with some of the must have skincare tools of the year. Without going too crazy, here are a few of our go-to’s:
  • Facial Cleansing Brush: Get the best, deepest clean possible by incorporating a facial brush like the Raedia into your daily cleansing routine
  • Facial Roller: A facial roller is a must have if you are looking to take your skincare routine to the next level. Whether you’re looking to amplify circulation, reduce puffiness or contour your face, VP has a facial roller for you.
  • Facial Steamer: Bring the spa to you with this luxurious skincare device. This must-have beauty tool will detoxify, prepare and hydrate your skin. 

So have you added healthy skin to your 2021 resolution list yet?

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