RENEW: How to Speed Up Healing After Your Skincare Procedure

RENEW: How to Speed Up Healing

It’s essential to take special care of your skin in the days and weeks after your skincare procedure for fast recovery and the best results. If you have just undergone extensive plastic surgery, invasive facial treatment or microdermabrasion, you are likely to have some redness and skin sensitivity. Your skin will be experiencing some inflammation and swelling, which can slow the healing process.

After your procedure, skincare is all about repairing and restoring sensitive skin to its peak condition, so you’ll need a good at-home skin regimen. Specifically, you will want a beauty treatment for your skin that will calm, soothe and restore.

Keep (Your Skin) Calm and Carry On

With red, irritated skin, the first thing you should look for in a daily regimen is one full of high-quality calming agents. Look for ingredients such as sea whip, which, despite its name, actually has the strongest soothing benefits of any known sea plant-based ingredients. Stearyl glycyrrhetinate is derived from licorice root and also has soothing anti-inflammatory properties.

Algae/mugwort complex will also calm signs of redness caused by UV rays, chemical irritants, and the environment. Mugwort and algae—neither one sounds like anything you would want to put on your face—but both can do wonders to reduce inflammation, itching, and irritation. Mugwort is even known to have some anesthetic properties.

Further, you should make sure that there aren’t any ingredients that can further irritate already irritated skin. Beware of sensitizers such as fragrance, colorants, alcohols, acids, essential oils, mineral oils, parabens, and strong emulsifiers.

Renew and Moisturize to Ensure Faster Healing

Skin that has experienced an invasive facial treatment or microdermabrasion needs to be kept hydrated to ensure a dewy appearance after it has healed. You will want a deeply moisturizing yet gentle moisturizer to do the job.

You will also want to boost the skin barrier’s lipid production to provide protection while it heals. The production of more lipids in your skin will speed up healing considerably.


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