Whitening Pro System .

Whitening Pro System .

$ 29.99 $ 79.99

Whitening Pro System .$ 29.99 $ 79.99

Whitening Pro System .

$ 29.99 $ 79.99

Get a dazzling white smile without the pricey, in-office treatments. With the Whitening Pro System, a beautiful smile can be yours in as little as 30 minutes a day!

  • Cold Blue LED Light accelerates whitening results
  • Remineralizing Gel protects and soothes the teeth and gums
  • Thermoforming Trays mold to teeth closely to create a personalized whitening experience
  • Get a confident, visibly whiter smile that you'll love to show off
  • 1 Set of upper and lower Thermoforming Trays
  • 1 10cc syringe of Whitening Gel
  • 1 3cc syringe of Remineralizing Gel
  • 1 Cold Blue LED Light
  • 1 Storage Case

Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing, in poor health (decaying teeth, exposed roots, etc.), wear braces, had recent oral surgery, have jaw problems, or are allergic to peroxide.

Consult with your dentist before using at-home whitening treatments, as there are some risks involved.

Some individuals will experience reversible tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. This will usually subside within a few days after discontinuing use, after decreasing the length of each bleaching session, or by increasing the amount of time between bleaching sessions.

If you experience discomfort or sharp pain in a tooth, speak with your dentist immediately.

Avoid staining beverages like colas, red wine, teas, and coffee during your whitening treatment. If you must drink these, it is recommended to do so through a straw. Also avoid citrus beverages.

Only use this treatment under the supervision of a dentist or tooth-whitening professional. The manufacturer and seller do not accept responsibility for any usage of this product.

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