How to Get Rid of Acne Breakouts

Suffering from Acne? We hear ‘ya! Your hands alone aren’t cutting it! We’re offering up positive solutions and effective beauty tools that will help you get rid of your acne AND get more from your cleansers and serums. We’re all aware that acne is common, but did you know that acne is the most common skin condition affecting 40 to 50 million people annually? (1) While we tend to see acne most commonly among the younger generation, adult acne is becoming more of a concern. According to The International Dermal Institute, adults are now experiencing more acne than ever before. In fact, 40% to 55% of adults aged 20-40 are being diagnosed with low grade, persistent acne and oily skin according to clinical studies.

Acne Causes

But what’s the exact cause of acne?

At its root, excess sebum and bacteria. According to Healthline, when gland production is normal, your skin appears healthy and even, but too much sebum in a follicle can cause a hardened plug to form, which can then lead to various forms of acne.

In addition, hormonal changes including those brought on by anything from puberty and menstruation to pregnancy, and even menopause can cause acne for women who might not have ever dealt with acne. And another factor at play in the cause of acne, increased stress levels.

But there’s help available according to experts—including amazing products you can use at home. That’s where we come in.

How to Treat your Acne:

Here are a few tricks and tools-of-trade offered up by estheticians we admire along with the solutions we offer in each category to provide accessible, affordable results at home.

Wash with LED Light Therapy

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According to celebrity facialist, Joanna Vargas, LED light therapy addresses acne because it helps heal breakouts while making the skin stronger. 

Leda Blue, the first of its kind blue light therapy facial cleansing brush, uses gentle vibrations and antibacterial silicone bristles combined with the power of FDA cleared blue LED light to kill acne-causing bacteria and limit sebaceous gland activity for less oil production. This 2-in-1 device is a game changer if you are looking to get rid of your acne. This device not only allows you to treat your current acne, but it helps prevent future breakouts.

Check out the results after just 10 weeks of use.

Before and After Acne

Bonus: It's amazing as a daily cleansing brush AND you can use it as a spot treatment when you're not cleansing. The built-in 3 minute timer is the optimal daily time needed to treat active breakouts. 

Blue LED is the most common light therapy used to treat acne. Blue light has an antimicrobial effect, making it effective at killing several types of bacteria that can collect in your pores and oil glands and cause breakouts. And the anti-inflammatory benefits help to decrease other acne symptoms like redness.

Add Facial Steaming to Your Acne-Fighting Routine

Aira Facial Steamer

Facial steaming is a natural way of cleaning your face and treating your complexion, while also helping to keep your pores clear of dirt and acne causing bacteria. 89% of people felt a more detoxified and cleansed face after using our Aira Ionic Facial Steamer. Steaming helps loosen the dirt and oil on your skin that can build up in pores, causing them to become clogged. When the pores are clogged, bacteria can grow, leading to acne breakouts. Aira helps unclog those pores by softening the skin, giving the dirt and oil a way out instead of staying trapped inside. 77% of people who consistently used their Aira Steamer got less breakouts.

Not only will facial steaming help unclog your pores for a clearer complexion, it also helps the absorption of your skincare products. 88% of people felt their face was more receptive to skincare products & treatments after using Aira. So you’ll be getting more bang for your buck with all your acne serums and creams when you use them in conjunction with your facial steamer. 

Exfoliate Weekly

Exfora Microdermabrasion Wand

Prevent acne and help improve the tone and texture of your skin with our Exfora at-home microdermabrasion wand. Microdermabrasion is a treatment that gently exfoliates the skin to remove debris, dead skin cells, and excess oils from the top layer of skin, which reduces pore clogs and acne breakouts.

Regular exfoliation for the Exfora Wand helps to reduce the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads, creating a smoother skin texture. 90% of people felt that their pores were less closed and their face felt more exfoliated, and 82% of people felt they had less blackheads after using Exfora.

Not only does it help prevent acne, it can also help reduce the appearance of acne scars. Adding this into your routine just once a week is a small adjustment that goes a long way!



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