Festival Season Beauty Essentials

Easy to travel with beauty tools for festival season and beyond

Festival season has arrived and we know everyone wants to enjoy the festival looking and feeling their best! We’ve put together a list of our favorite, easy to travel with tools that will ensure you're looking your best while dancing the night away in the desert. 

Beauty Lights - for on the go touch ups or full face application, having the perfect beauty light is a must. 

Baia is the perfect portable vanity, and the easiest to travel with! Baia has a strap that effortlessly slides onto your suitecase if you are traveling far for your favorite festivals. Baia has plenty of space to store your makeup and beauty essentials for festival weekend, and an adjustable vanity light to make sure you are looking fire all weekend long!

Moda is perfect to throw into your fanny pack or backpack to touch up throughout the day. Whether you need to adjust your glitter gems, or add more - Moda has got you covered. 

Cordless Hair Tools - camping or hotel, whichever way you festival, cordless hair tools will make getting ready WAY easier. 

Cordless Curling Iron/Wand allows you to quickly and effectively touch up your hair, anywhere you are. Whether you are on a campground in a pinch, or traveling into the festival - this wand will ensure your hair is desert ready at all times. 

Lunata Cordless Styler Pro by Lunata Beauty will ensure your hair is professional grade, designed with stylists in mind - you can set it to your perfect temperature to keep sleek, straight hair that will withstand a long day in the polo grounds!

Skincare Tools Perfect for Travel - Depuff, treat an unexpected breakout, or sculpt with any of our small but mighty, easy to travel with beauty tools. 

Mila is perfect for festival weekend! She comes with her own travel case, and allows you to touch up your makeup or do a full face, no matter where you are. 

Silicone Cupping Set will ensure your jawline is snatched no matter what you ate or drank the night before. This set will also help wake your face up after a long night out enjoying the music. 

Defina Rose Quartz Roller helps to depuff, tighten, and snatch your face! Defina is also very soothing if you put her in the fridge and enjoy a cold rolling session the morning after. 

No matter what you need to be festival ready - we got you covered. Now, go have fun!

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