Advanced Oral Irrigator FAQ

Q: Why should I use the Advanced Oral Irrigator?

A: Well, everyone knows flossing is an important, even necessary, part of day-to-day oral care. The problem is, flossing can be inconvenient, sometimes painful, and ineffective if proper care is not taken each time. With the Advanced Oral Irrigator, you simply fill it with water and turn it on, letting the water do all the work as it cleans your teeth and gum line even more thoroughly than floss.

Q: Who should use the Advanced Oral Irrigator?

A: Anyone can benefit from the Advanced Oral Irrigator, even supervised children.

Q: What setting is right for me?

A: We recommend starting at the lighter setting, and then working your way up based on your personal comfort.

Q: Should I brush my teeth before or after using my Advanced Oral Irrigator?

A: It is recommended that you use your Advanced Oral Irrigator, and then brush your teeth. That way, your Irrigator works as a deep clean before the toothbrush does a thorough polish.

Q: Do I turn on my Advanced Oral Irrigator before placing it in my mouth, or after?

A: No. We recommend placing the irrigator in your mouth, not pointing towards your throat or other soft tissue, and then turning it on.

Q: How do I use it?

A: Ensure your Advanced Oral Irrigator is charged, place the spout head onto the device, and then remove the plug and fill the water compartment with water. Place the spout head in your mouth, resting it gently on your teeth. Close your mouth around the spout, and then turn the device on. Work it around each tooth, in between, and on your gum line, making sure not to point it at the back of the throat during transition, to ensure your comfort. While irrigating, lean over your sink when you feel an excess of water in your mouth, and drain the water, repeating when necessary. Continue until the device shuts off automatically, until the water runs out, or until you decide you are done with your treatment.

Q: Do I need to clean the detachable spout?

A: Yes. We recommend wiping down the attachment after each use and cleaning it with peroxide or another cleaner after every few uses. After cleaning with peroxide or another cleaner, be sure to rinse the head thoroughly.

Q: What is the benefit of the Pulse mode?

A: The Pulse mode is important because it allows a decompression time for bacteria and food debris to clear.