Silicone Brush - Skin Spa*

Silicone Brush - Skin Spa*

$ 9.99

  • Non-abrasive silicone touch-points for gentle cleansing
  • Especially suited for dry & sensitive skin types
  • Lifts away makeup, dirt & oil for a smoother appearance
  • Nonporous silicone head keeps bacteria buildup away
  • Replace brush heads every 2-3 months for optimal results
  • Compatible with Elite Skin Spa & Ultimate Skin Spa Facial brushes

The Skin Spa Silicone Brush is made of non-abrasive silicone touch-points to gently cleanse your skin without harsh abrasion or chemicals. Gently lifts away makeup, dirt & oil more effectively than manual cleansing for an overall smoother appearance. The Silicone Brush Head is nonporous & helps keep bacteria buildup away for a more hygienic cleansing surface. Especially suited for dry or sensitive skin types. To ensure effective cleansing, dermatologists recommend replacing your brush heads every 2-3 months.

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