Red vs. Blue LED Light for Your Skin


As fellow beauty gurus, you’ve probably seen lots of buzz about blue and red LED in skincare tools lately—but what’s the difference and how do we know which is best for our lifestyles or skin types? The pros have advised us all to do our research prior to using any new skin stuff, so we’ve done our homework and we’re here to share some answers.


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Running on empty or just can’t sleep? Moms around the world, turn on the red LED light! This powerhouse of light hits the surface layer of the skin to rejuvenate cells for collagen and elastin production—AKA helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Give under-eye crow’s feet, mouthy smile lines, and expressive brow furrows a run for their money using a red LED silicone brush.

We love to turn on the massage mode (go ahead, skip the cleansing brush this time!) to get all the benefits of red LED light for your skin, while lying in bed—perfect while watching your fave rom-com or binging Bravo TV!

If you’re just getting started with your anti-aging routine, red LED is perfect for preventative treatments on a daily basis to keep those little lines at bay! So, whether you’re turning in a college paper or simply just turning 50, you’ll easily flip the switch on anti-aging with red LED.


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Want to wave buh-bye to blemishes and keep skin free of breakouts? Teenagers with oily skin or anyone who’s more prone to acne, a blue LED silicone brush is going to be your new BFF (we pinky-swear!).

Give unwanted clogged pores or bacteria on the skin’s surface the boot at the push of a button. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, the FDA-approved wavelengths from our calming and cool blue LED help to eliminate environmental dirt and impurities for a flawless, filter-like complexion. Plus, it doesn’t stop there—the anti-bacterial silicone bristles make it easier than ever to achieve good, clean skin.

You can also power on all the benefits while chatting on the phone with your current crush—swap the cleansing brush out for the massage head, for a soft, blue LED massage treatment. Because being a teenager is sometimes tough enough, your skin should be the least of your worries. A world without pimples? Count us in!

No matter if you’re reaching for red or blue LED, there’s no doubt you’ll address some of your biggest complexion concerns and turn on a totally new way to care for your skin. You’re welcome.

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