Blend Baby

Makeup Sponge w/ Silicone Applicator

Blend Baby$ 14.99

Makeup Sponge w/ Silicone Applicator

Blend Baby

Makeup Sponge w/ Silicone Applicator

$ 14.99


The Blend Baby Dual Sponge is the all-in-one beauty blending tool that allows you to get a flawless, streak-free complexion without wasting your liquid and cream products. Its dual-sided design includes a silicone sponge combined with a more traditional makeup puff so you can apply and blend with just one simple applicator. 

Made in Newport Beach

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Cruelty Free


Cruelty Free

  • Two-sided puff combines silicone with a soft sponge to enhance your makeup routine
  • Silicone applicator allows you to apply liquid and cream products without soaking up makeup
  • The soft blending sponge blends in your makeup flawlessly after it's been applied to your skin
  • Rounded edges are great for all-over blending, while the pointed edge is perfect for covering up small blemishes and reaching under-eye areas
  • Works best with foundations, primers, skincare and other cream or liquid cosmetics although the sponge side can also be used to apply powder


  1. Silicone Applicator w/ NBR Sponge

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