The 5 Best Gifts for Your Galentines

Beauty Tech Edition 

Valentine’s day isn’t just for romantic relationships. It’s also a great opportunity to show appreciation to all the special ladies in your life! Whether they be friends, sisters, or co-workers. Here are the best beauty tech inspired gifts for your galentine: 

  1. Vina

If you have a lady in your life who loves to deeply exfoliate and hydrate the skin: Vina is the perfect gift for her! Vina helps to clean out the skin while also infusing our Vina Drip hydrating serum - at the same time. 

Pro tip: when using Vina ensure you are doing long, slow strokes along the face, not staying in one spot for too long. 

hydra facial device, hydrodermabrasion

  1. Lux Lip Care 

For the woman in your life who wonders about getting lip filler or is striving for fuller, natural looking lips… lux lip care is perfect for her! Lux Lip Care is part of an exclusive partnership. This device uses FDA-cleared light therapy to cultivate healthier cells that smooth wrinkles, add volume, and increase circulation. Lux Lip Care is the cost effective alternative to expensive lip filler. Who doesn’t want that for Valentine’s Day?

  1. Revive

You don’t have to break the bank to give an impactful and effective beauty tech tool to the women in your life. Our Revive Ice Roller is the ultimate beginner tool to promote lymphatic drainage, reduce inflammation, and help maximize serum absorption.

  1. Ryla

Every gal needs help handling hair care, on the go. Ryla is the perfect addition to anyone’s makeup bag. She even has a built in LED light to help illuminate your brows and easily grab pesky hairs!

  1. VP x Kove Commuter 2

Give the beauty and audio tech crossover gift to your galentine this year - with a fan favorite, best selling bluetooth split speaker. It also happens to be in the perfect aesthetic color! Plus, we are offering an extra special deal right now that you do not want to miss out on - 2 speakers for only $99 

Give the gift of self - care this Galentine’s day! 

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