Everything you NEED to know about our new facial brush

Introducing Raedia 2.0

You asked and we listened! Introducing Raedia 2.0: which includes improved features to help level up your facial cleansing routine. Raedia is one of our top selling, highly rated, tried and true beauty tech products. Over the years, we have listened to our loyal mVPs who had suggestions on how to improve the product. 


  1. Rechargeable 
    One of the biggest suggestions we’ve received is a rechargeable facial cleansing brush. Our original Raedia was battery operated. We have worked tirelessly to make Raedia 2.0 rechargeable. No more batteries! 

    Bidirectional Spinning
  2. Bidirectional and multiple speed modes
    We not only wanted to give Raedia 2.0 multiple modes to satisfy all skin types, but we wanted to ensure that the brush head was bidirectional, meaning it can spin in both directions. Furthermore, the inner and outer brushes spin in opposite directions at the same time to avoid pulling on the skin. No pulling helps prevent premature aging. The multiple speeds and bi directional aspect ensures that all skin types can comfortably use this brush.

    Chic Raedia
  3. Chic design 
    Raedia 2.0 has a sleeker design with a flat base that allows it to stand on its own. We made this facial brush even more aesthetically pleasing to ensure it fits right into your vanity! 

  4. Water resistant, shower friendly! 
    Raedia 2.0 is water resistant which means you can use this facial cleansing brush in the shower. 

    Ventilated Case
  5. Hygienic and ventilated 
    We improved Raedia’s travel friendly case by adding extra holes on the top of the case and the bottom. These holes ensure that the brush is properly ventilated while traveling. Also, proper ventilation ensures that the brush remains hygienic after multiple uses. 

Go check out our brand new facial cleansing brush… you won’t regret it!

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