Wet2Dry Ceramic Flat Iron.

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If you’re trying to minimize heat damage to your hair or are simply pressed for time in the morning, you may want to skip using your hair dryer and just style your hair while damp. While most flat irons can wreak havoc on damp hair, the Style House Hair Wet2Dry Flat Iron was designed specifically to style damp hair and leave it smooth and shiny.

About the product
Flat irons and curling irons have attracted some negative attention lately, given their potential to inflict heat damage on your tresses, especially when your hair is wet. The Wet2Dry Flat Iron solves this problem. Specially-placed ventilating holes on the titanium/ceramic plates and outside of the frame release steam that would otherwise damage the core of the hair strand. Now you can style your damp hair without having to worry about frying or damaging your hair. Better yet, the titanium/ceramic plates employ negative ion technology that helps the hair to dry quickly and seals the hair cuticle, thus minimizing frizz [1][2][3]. The Wet2Dry Ceramic Flat Iron’s flexible cord allows you to style your hair from various angles, while its temperature control goes up to 450°F so that you can pick the heat setting that is most suitable for your hair. By eliminating hair-boiling steam and sealing the hair cuticle to lock in moisture, the Wet2Dry Ceramic Flat Iron can dry hair more quickly than your standard blow dryer while making your hair glossy, smooth, and shiny. Key Benefits & Features:

• Can be used on damp or dry hair
• Temperature control up to 450°F
• Employs negative ion technology
• Leaves hair smooth, shiny, and straight
• Wide 35 mm titanium/ceramic plates that can accommodate larger sections of hair

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How to Use
To use your Wet2Dry Ceramic Flat Iron, press the “Power” button, select your temperature, and wait approximately 10 seconds for the device to warm up. After the device is warmed to your desired temperature, slowly work the Wet2Dry Ceramic Flat Iron through a small section of hair at a time. To get the most from your Wet2Dry Ceramic Flat Iron, use it only on damp or dry hair, not on wet hair. If you want to use the flat iron after showering, make sure to towel dry your hair before use. Once you are done with the Wet2Dry Ceramic Flat Iron, unplug the device and allow it to cool down (for at least 30 minutes) and then store it in a cool, dry place. Make sure to always grab the flat iron by the handle so that you won’t accidentally burn yourself. To check the heat of the titanium/ceramic plates, simply hover your hand over the plates with caution.

Before storing the flat iron, wipe down the cooled ceramic plates with a damp cloth so as to remove any product residue and other debris. It is also recommended that you clean the unplugged flat iron handle at least once a week by using a slightly damp cloth. Do not use soap. To store the device, keep your Wet2Dry Ceramic Flat Iron in a cool, dry place and coil the cord separately from the flat iron. Do not hang the device from its cord, and do not unplug the device by pulling on the cord. Rather, unplug it by pulling on the plug itself.
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Wet2Dry Ceramic Flat Iron FAQ

Note: This product is equipped with a North American compatible plug that works with standard outlets in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. If you are located outside of these regions, this product should be paired with a suitable power adapter to operate your device.
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