Roam Personal Grooming Collection

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Roam Personal Grooming Collection

$ 49.99

Roam Personal Grooming Collection$ 49.99

Roam Personal Grooming Collection

$ 49.99


The Vanity Planet Roam Personal Grooming Collection is a set of go-to tools for everyday hygiene, like a comb, toothbrush, and a razor, but also includes “emergency” items like a mini sewing kit and a lint brush. Packaged in a textured black portfolio case with elasticized slots to hold everything in place, the grooming tools are stainless steel with a satin finish (with the exception of the mirror, razor, lint remover and toothbrush). Perfect for a guy who travels a lot for business or pleasure, the Vanity Planet Roam Personal Grooming Collection makes a thoughtful gift or gift-to-yourself.

Included in the Vanity Planet Roam Personal Grooming Collection: 2 nail clippers (large and small for fingers and toes), 1 nail cleaner/cuticle pusher, 1 nail file, 1 slanted tweezer, 1 small scissor, 1 razor handle with 3 disposable cartridges, 1 mini sewing kit, 1 toothbrush, 1 folding comb, 1 folding lint remover, 1 handheld mirror.

    • Vanity Planet Roam Personal Grooming Collection is a set of go-to tools for everyday hygiene and "emergency" wardrobe situations
    • Stainless steel tools with a satin finish and sleek black items like a comb, compact toothbrush, and razor handle with disposable cartridges
    • Textured portfolio-style case has elasticized slots for each item to keep them in place for easy travel and storage
    • Makes an excellent gift
    • Includes 4 nail tools, slanted tweezer, small precise scissor, razor handle and 3 disposable cartridges, folding lint remover, compact toothbrush, folding comb, mini sewing kit, and handheld mirror

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    The twelve tools in the Roam Personal Grooming Collection include the following:

    1 Large Nail Clipper: Great for when you need to give your toenails a quick trim before running off to the beach.

    1 Small Nail Clipper: Discrete enough to be kept in your pocket for small emergencies on the go.

    1 Nail Filer: Helps to make jagged and uneven nails appear smooth, uniform, and clean.

    1 Cuticle Pusher/Nail Cleaner Tool: A dual-action device that pushes back overgrown cuticles and removes dirt from beneath the nails.

    1 Pair of Slanted Tweezers: To rid your eyebrows of the stray hairs you missed during trimming.

    1 Pair of Small Precise Scissors: In case you notice a stray thread hanging from your suit, or if your eyebrow hairs are looking a little too long and unruly right before an important meeting.

    1 Razor Handle with Three Razor Cartridges: For a quick and clean shave for the man on the go, with two backup cartridges in case one wears out.

    1 Emergency Mini Sewing Kit: Perfect for securing or replacing suit jacket buttons that fall off at the last minute.

    1 Compact Toothbrush: To help freshen your breath before an interview or first date (toothpaste not included). It's the perfect marriage between compactness and utility.

    1 Folding Travel Comb: Transform an unruly mane into a suave and sexy 'do with just a few strokes.

    1 Folding Lint Remover: Removes unwanted lint, animal hairs, and various odds-and-ends that attach themselves whenever you wear your favorite black pants or your best suit.

    1 Handheld Mirror: Perfect for those times when you need to give yourself a quick check to make sure you look dapper as usual.
    Application Area: Hair, Face, and Body

    Warranty: Warranted to be free of manufacturer's defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Damage or wear resulting from an accident, misuse, abuse, commercial use, or unauthorized adjustment and/or repair are not covered under this warranty.


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