Prep, Apply, Unwind

Prep, apply, unwind, and sooth!

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Color: Rose Gold

Prep, apply, unwind, and soothe your skin with our new bundle which includes Aira, Mila, Lusha, Bunny Headband, Revive, and Bolsa. Prepare your skin for all your favorite skincare and makeup products by steaming with Aira, our most beloved steamer! Don’t forget to use our bunny headband to hold your hair back while enjoying Aira’s aromatic steam.


Then, begin your makeup routine by using Mila our VP inspired makeup brushes. Once you are all done with your day or night out, use our eco-friendly makeup remover pads, Lusha. Once you’ve removed your makeup, applied your favorite skincare soothe your skin and soak in all your products with Revive. Our Prep Apply and Unwind Bundle fits perfectly in Bolsa, our travel friendly makeup bag.

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30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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