Lemon Essential Oil

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This pure, cold-pressed Lemon Essential Oil will give you a relaxing and refreshing environment. Diffuse it with our Aroma 1 Diffuser & Humidifier and get a sweet, refreshing citrus smell that is sure to freshen and rejuvenate any space.

About the product
Lemon Essential Oil is known for its refreshing and restorative properties. Traditionally used to bolster the fight odor and bacteria, and even relieve some body ailments, it offers a refreshing atmosphere when paired with the Aroma 1 aromatherapy diffuser.

This essential oil yields a fresh, classic citrus smell while leaving you with the relaxation and refreshment of cool orchard air. Turn any home or office into a freeing space, while also reaping all of this oil’s traditional health benefits.
How to Use
To use your Lemon Essential Oil, fill your Aroma 1 Diffuser & Humidifier with the indicated amount of water and add a few drops of the essential oil. In no time your home or office will be filled with soothing scents, allowing for a more relaxed, refreshing environment.
Lemon Essential Oil
Additional Information | FAQ
Use with the Aroma 1 Diffuser & Humidifier.

Size: .5 oz

Skin Type / Application Area: While Lemon Essential Oil is great for certain bodily uses, we advise consulting with your physician before doing so.
• Natural plant extracts

• 100% pure therapeutic grade

• Promotes wellness, relaxation, & a freeing environment by helping cleanse your air and inviting freshness

• Designed to be paired with our Aroma 1 Diffuser

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