Forever Young + Free Gel Bead Eye Mask

Forever Young + Free Gel Bead Eye Mask

$ 60.00 $ 199.99

Forever Young - Hot & Cold Rejuvenating Facial Wand

Want glowing, baby soft skin everyday? Our Forever Young uses your skin’s natural reaction to temperature changes to help you absorb products better and firm your complexion.


Plush | Soothing Gel Bead Eye Mask

The Vanity Planet Plush Soothing Gel Bead Eye Mask is a quick and easy way to treat yourself to a little TLC. Filled with tiny gel beads that conform to the curves and contours of your eye area, the mask can be chilled or warmed to address a variety of minor pressures and pains.

Refrigerate, or better yet, freeze the mask and pop it on over your eyes to reduce puffiness from a poor night’s sleep or a late night, or to relieve tired eyes that have been staring at a computer all day. Gradually microwave the mask to soothe stress headaches or migraines, or to alleviate sinus pain or congestion during allergy season. Warm, cool, or even room temperature, the Vanity Planet Soothing Gel Bead Eye Mask also makes a terrific sleep mask, with an elastic strap that won’t irritate you while you’re asleep.

Plane to catch? Pop the mask into your carry-on bag for an in-flight nap.

Forever Young + Free Gel Bead Eye Mask has a rating of 3.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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