Elements - Sonic Toothbrush

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Elements - Sonic Toothbrush

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Leave no plaque behind.

A brighter, healthier smile. And 65% off? Why wait?

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Elements - Sonic Toothbrush
Our Elements Toothbrush is the complete package, featuring 40,000 brush strokes per minute, three customized modes and a charging case that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
4 brushing modes
4 brushing modes
40,000 brush strokes per minute
40,000 brush strokes per minute
extra-long battery life
extra-long battery life

Advanced Oral Care

UV case kills 99.9% of germs & bacteria

Auto-timer guarantees ADA brushing time

Choose between clean, soft, whiten and massage mode.

Cleans all parts of your mouth (equally).

Personalize your oral care.

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"Dare I say it's a beautiful looking toothbrush! The aesthetics are nice, also my teeth feel super clean, it definitely compares to the Sonicare which I had for several years. Love it so far!"

Allison S.

"I'm sure I'm not the only diva who's toothbrush occasionally doubles as a mic...but does yours have four different brush modes and a UV sanitizing light in the base? My Vanity Planet Elements toothbrush has all this and more!"


"This toothbrush is amazing! My teeth have never felt cleaner! This is a must buy. PLUS..the UV cleaning is SOO much appreciated!"

Brandi L.
about the product
  • 40,000 Brush Strokes Per Minute - Compared to the 300 strokes per minute you had with your old manual toothbrush. That's over 100 times more powerful then manual brushing.
  • 4 Brushing Modes - The Elements is equipped with four brushing modes: clean, soft, whitening, and a massage mode for your gums, allowing you to get the experience that's right for you.
  • Brushing Timer - 2-minute auto-timer ensures you're brushing the ADA-recommended time, while a 30-second interval timer prompts you to move to different areas of your mouth for an even clean.
  • Extra-Long Battery Life - Using a lithium-ion rechargeable battery means longer times between charges. On a full charge, you can get up to two weeks of regular brushing.
  • how to use
  • Select brush speed using the smaller button
  • Press large button to start two minute brush cycle
  • Change brush area when the brush pulses (every 30 seconds
  • what's included
  • Elements Sonic Toothbrush
  • UV Sanitizing Base
  • Three Brush Heads
  • reviews

    with from newport beach, california

    The only thing between you and a brighter smile is this button.