Spin For Perfect Skin + Palette Bundle

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Spin For Perfect Skin + Palette Bundle

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You’ll love how well-versed these two are in the ways of beauty: Spin for Perfect Skin deep cleans your face and body to reveal radiant skin, while Palette offers 15 professional-quality brushes for precise makeup application. Together, this couple helps you achieve head-to- toe polish!

Spin for Perfect Skin

The Spin for Perfect Skin offers a combination of tools for face and body to create a comprehensive skincare routine from head to toe.

Using a universal, single-speed rotation system, the Spin for Perfect Skin effectively removes dead skin cells on face and body to promote cellular rejuvenation at the same time.

Suitable for use on all skin types. Batteries not included.


Palette is your go-to, essential makeup brush set for professional makeup artists and at-home beauty fanatics alike, including 15 extra soft brushes conveniently stored in a sleek faux-leather rollout pouch.

Spin For Perfect Skin + Palette Bundle has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 13826 reviews.

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