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Complete System

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The Hudson & Mane Complete System includes both the Hair Fibers + Locking Spray, so you’ll have all you need for thick, full hair and a confident lifestyle.

 Hair loss plagues millions of men, so we’ve answered the call by creating this simple, 2 Step System. The Hair Fibers are step 1, but don’t worry, they’re nearly undetectable! Our specially formulated Locking Spray is step 2: it keeps your Hair Fibers in place throughout the day, even through mild rain, perspiration, and windy conditions.

 Get the Hudson & Mane Complete System, and forget about feeling self-conscious, because confidence looks better on everyone.

 All About Your Hair Fibers

  • Plant-based fibers are made of 100% Natural Cotton
  • Laboratory tested* and proven Hypoallergenic Composition for a breathable wear without itching or excess sweating
  • Long-lasting Composition, withstanding moderate wind, rain, and perspiration
  • Available in Six Colors: Black, Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Medium Blonde, and Grey—all variations are Mix-Friendly for color matching
  • Hudson & Mane Hair Fibers and Locking Spray provide a Discreet, Natural Solution for male pattern baldness
  • Get the look of thick, full hair, and regain a Confident Lifestyle

 How to Use

  •  Shake
    • Apply the Hair Fibers on the areas of your head that need a boost, then gently work them into place. (Be sure your hair is already styled and dry.)
  • Spray
    • Once your Hair Fibers are in place, use the specially formulated Locking Spray to keep them secure and situated.
  • Show Off
    • Within seconds, you’ll get the appearance of naturally thick, full hair. So go ahead, get out there and sport your new look.

Can’t get enough? Don’t worry; we’ve got you. Our Customizable Subscription for 30, 60, or 90 days gets your Hudson & Mane products shipped to you free of hassle and at a sizable discount.

HM76216-0200B (Black) / 10052840132 / 36729233860 / bundle

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