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Buff | Smoothing & Refining Callus Remover

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Many of us are prone to developing calluses on the heels of our feet, especially if you frequently wear sandals or high heels. The Buff Smoothing and Refining Callus Remover gently shaves away hardened, unwanted calluses and leaves behind smooth, beautiful skin.

About the product
Say goodbye to rough and hard-to-remove calluses with the Buff Smoothing and Refining Callus Remover. An innovative rolling device that spins 360 degrees at 40 revolutions per minute will leave your feet feeling exceptionally smooth. Unlike sharp metal blades or coarse pumice stones, the Buff’s rollers are made of Quartz Filing Material that is tough on rough, hardened heels but gentle on healthy and sensitive skin, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your feet while using the Buff.

The Buff comes with two attachment heads – the Coarse Callus Remover Head and the Refiner Head – both of which were specifically engineered to remove calluses. The Coarse Callus Remover Head employs a rough surface texture so that it can take on thicker and hardened calluses, whereas the Refiner Head is used to sooth and smooth the skin afterwards.

Unlike pumice stones and most other callus removers, the Buff Smoothing and Refining Callus Remover is easy-to-hold and fits comfortably in your hands so that callus removal is a breeze.

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How to Use
1. Remove the battery cover by turning it 90 degrees to the left until it clicks into place, then pull down. Insert 2 AA alkaline batteries (not included) into the battery compartment. Close the battery cover by turning it 90 degrees to the right until the cover locks into place.

2. Wash and dry your skin before using your Buff.

3. Make sure that the Smoothing Roller Head is placed into the device. Remove the protective cover and prep for use.

4. Turn on the device by pressing the safety lock in the center of the On/Off switch and pushing upward at the same time.

5. Gently press the Buff against the rough skin on your feet for 2-3 seconds at a time, rotating as needed. Lightly glide the device over the desired areas making sure not to push down with too much force. If pressed too hard, the unit will stop functioning.

6. After use, check to see if the desired degree of softness has been achieved. If not, go over the same area for 2-3 more seconds. Continue this process until your skin is silky smooth.

7. Once finished, turn off the device and wipe heals with a damp towel to get rid of excess dead skin.

Make sure to clean your Buff after each use.

Keep the protective cover on the device when not in use.

NOTE: Only use on your feet and do not use on any broken or bleeding skin.
1 Battery Powered, Water-Resistant Buff Smoothing and Refining Callus Remover Handle (Please note, batteries are not included. 2 AA batteries required.)

1 Coarse Callus Remover Head: Features a rougher surface to be used on thicker calluses.

1 Refiner Head: Designed to sooth after the use of the Coarse Callus Remover Head for extra soft skin.
Additional Information | FAQ
Application Area: Feet

Warranty: Warranted to be free of manufacturer’s defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Damage or wear resulting from an accident, misuse, abuse, commercial use, or unauthorized adjustment and/or repair are not covered under this warranty.

Water-Resistant Handle, do not submerge in water.

Battery operated device. Batteries not included. 2 AA batteries required.

Do not share this device with others.


• Check with your physician before use if you have any skin conditions/medical concerns.

• Do not use this device if you have diabetes or poor circulation.

• Do not use this on wounded skin or if you have warts, sores, wounds, and other sensitive areas.

• Do not keep the device on the skin for more than two to three seconds at a time.

• Discontinue use immediately if you experience discomfort or irritation, and seek medical attention.

• This device is not meant to be used by children or individuals with limited physical, sensory, or mental capabilities.

• Store device in a cool, dry place, not in direct sunlight.

• Do not turn on the device if smoothing head is not attached.

• Keep protective cover on the device when not in use.

• Do not disassemble the device.

Buff Smoothing and Refining Callus Remover FAQ
Buff | Smoothing & Refining Callus Remover has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 3 reviews.

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