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Blend Baby + Palette | Bundle

$ 79.99

The Palette & Blend Baby Duo is the complete tool kit you need to tackle your face, cheeks, eyes, brows, and lips. Use the Blend Baby dual beauty blending sponge to get a flawless, streak-free complexion without wasting your products. Use the silicone side to apply your liquid and cream products, then blend with the sponge. Once you’re blended out, use your Palette - Essential Makeup Brush Set to complete your look. It comes with 15 unique brushes to cover all areas of your face, from a full powder/blush brush and eyeshadow shaders to an angled precision brush for brows or liner. This set is all you need to get your makeup look on point.
About the product
Blend Baby - Makeup Sponge w/ Silicone Applicator
  • Dual-sided Unique Design - Two-sided puff combines silicone with a soft sponge to enhance your makeup routine
  • Silicone Applicator - Allows you to apply liquid and cream products without soaking up makeup
  • Soft Makeup Blending Sponge - Blends in your makeup flawlessly after it's been applied to your skin
  • Specialized Shape - Rounded edges are great for all-over blending, while the pointed edge is perfect for covering up small blemishes and reaching under-eye areas
  • Ideal for Liquid and Cream Products - Works best with foundations, primers, skincare and other cream or liquid cosmetics although the sponge side can also be used to apply powder

Palette | Professional Makeup Brush Collection
  • Includes 15 brushes to give you a versatile and comprehensive styling experience, from applying your favorite blush to quick concealer touch ups
  • Ultra-soft, premium synthetic bristles allow for smooth, controlled, and streak-free application of dry, cream, and liquid based products
  • It's easy to store, so you can have your makeup arsenal ready, wherever your busy schedule takes you
  • The roll-out case's protective flap keeps your brushes clean and collected
  • Sturdy, yet light, the Birchwood handles are made with a comfortable design for seemingly effortless movements
  • Our brushes are cruelty free

2 Silicone Applicator w/ NBR Sponge

1 Roll-Out Case - 15 Brushes
  1. Kabuki Brush - to apply mineral powder

  2. Powder/Blush Brush - to apply powder foundation and blush

  3. Flat Top Stippling Brush - to apply light powder or creamy products
  4. Angled Contour Brush - for blending and contouring

  5. Liquid Foundation Brush - to apply liquid foundation
  6. Large Fan Brush - to apply blush, blending, highlights, and for brushing off excess powder
Concealer Brush - for concealing a concentrated area
  8. Medium Blender - for blending

  9. Smudging Brush - to smudge specific area of a smoky eye
Crease Shader - for controlled application of shadow on eye creases

  11. Large Domed Shader - to shade powders and moisturizer-based products
  12. Precision Concealer - to apply concealer to small, targeted areas

  13. Rounded Liner Brush - for applying cream eyeliner products
  14. Angled Lining Brush - for precise eyeliner application

  15. Lip Liner Brush with cap - to apply lip liner for a smooth contour
Blend Baby + Palette | Bundle has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 58 reviews.

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