Our friends at Corazón de Vida, a non-profit organization, provide life-changing support for orphaned and abandoned children. They support 500+ children living in 10 orphanages.

Now it's our turn to return the love to Corazón de Vida.

Our Story with Corazon de Vida

After a friend recommended he visit the orphanage back in 2008, Alex Dastmalchi decided to join a group of volunteers who regularly drove from California, down to Baja. What he discovered at the orphanage was heartbreaking — the recent economic conditions of both Mexico and the United States, coupled with the rising violence in Mexico, had greatly impacted the orphanage’s funding and flow of resources. The children lacked basic needs like regular, nutritious meals, clean clothes, and even diapers. Equally disturbing, they were starved for love and fun. Something so simple, such as a hug or a game of ball, could brighten spirits, support self-esteem, and instill inklings of hope in a way that he’d never experienced.

Alex was shocked, and he had even seen his fair share of heartache, considering he grew up amid a war-torn Iran and escaped from his troubled, native country when he was just a teen. Alex had made it his mission to ensure that everything he did in both his career and personal life would be a true service to others. In this case, knew he could easily provide hugs, if not much, much more, to these disadvantaged children.

So while life isn’t always good or fair for all, Alex's viewpoint is that, at the very least, it can certainly be made better. Alex has joined forces with a team of committed volunteers at Corazón de Vida who, despite challenging conditions, are collaborating and will continue to do their part to make the world a bit brighter. Together, they are making a difference.