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PediSpin FAQ's

Here are a few answer to Frequently Asked Questions about the PediSpin System:

Q: What is the difference between the PediSpin brush attachments?

A: Each of our attachments has an intended function. The Hard Bristle Brush meant to prime your feet by cleaning off any existing dirt or residue. Then the Pumice Stone helps exfoliate rough patches by removing dead skin. Both of these heads should be used with soap and water. The Callus Shaver is great to take care of thick calluses, and the Buffing Pad refines and buffs the sole of your feet for a perfect finish to your regimen. The Callus Shaver and Buffing Pad are designed for dry use and should not be used in the shower.

Q: How often should I use my PediSpin?

A: This is different for everyone. Depending on how active you are, personal preference, and your skin’s natural characteristics, your PediSpin use may vary. We do recommend that you only use the Callus Shaver on thick, callused skin, so you may not use this attachment as frequently as the others.

Q: What products should I use my PediSpin with?

A: You can pair your Hard Bristle Brush and Pumice Stone with your favorite soap or body wash. If you are using a footbath with these heads, you can also add a few drops of essential oils to the water to provide a more relaxing or rejuvenating experience. Do not use any products with the Callus Shaver or the Buffing Pad. After treatment, feel free to use gentle, moisturizing lotions on your feet.

Q: How do I clean my PediSpin attachments?

A: Rinse the Hard Bristle Brush and the Pumice Stone under warm water after every use, and wipe down the Callus Shaver and Buffing Pad with a clean cloth after every use.

Q: How do I clean the handle?

A: To remove residue or buildup, clean the handle at least once a week by removing the attachment head and washing the device thoroughly with warm soapy water.

Q: How often should I change my attachments?

A: We recommend changing you attachment heads every 2-3 months.

Q: What kind of batteries does the PediSpin take? Is it rechargeable?

A: The PediSpin is not rechargeable, it takes 4 AA batteries.

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