Sole Relief Reflexology

Massage Mat

Sole Relief Reflexology$ 19.99

Massage Mat

Sole Relief Reflexology

Massage Mat

$ 19.99
Color: Blue


Reflexology is the theory that specific points on the feet, hands, and ears are linked to organs and systems of the body, and that the application of pressure to these points can relieve pain, enhance relaxation, and have tremendous overall health benefits. For example, would you believe that pressure on the tips of your toes could help a migraine? Or that the right kind of massage towards the heel of your foot could help with lower back pain? The Sole Relief Reflexology Massage Mat is based on this ancient science, and just a few minutes on the mat each day can help improve blood circulation. Additionally, you might see health benefits such as stress and pain relief, toxin elimination, an improved metabolism and increase in energy, and perhaps best of all, relaxation and a better night’s rest.

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Cruelty Free

  • The Sole Relief Reflexology Massage Mat is based on the theory that applying pressure to specific areas of the feet benefits other parts of the body
  • Just a few minutes on the mat each day can help stimulate blood circulation, relieve stress, eliminate toxins, alleviate pain, improve metabolism and increase energy, and help with relaxation
  • Can be used anywhere you sit or stand for several minutes at a time and is lightweight enough to easily travel between work and home
  • Each mat has over 3000 bumps of varying sizes to massage different pressure points
  • Easily connect more than one My Life My Shop Sole Relief Reflexology Massage Mat together to create a larger surface area
  • Manual includes Foot Reflexology Chart so you can target the areas on which you'd like to focus


  • 1 Reflexology Mat
  • Interconnecting mats link up, so you can get a bigger surface area

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