Elite Sonic Toothbrush : with USB Charging Case

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Elite Sonic Toothbrush : with USB Charging Case

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Get the most efficient clean, without the hassle! At 40,000 brush strokes per minute, the Elite Sonic Toothbrush with UV Sanitizing Travel Case puts in the hard work so you don’t have to. Plus, with the USB charging case you can get a truly effortless white smile no matter where you go.

About the product
The Elite Sonic Toothbrush with UV Sanitizing Travel Charger provides the ultimate brushing experience in a compact design that is perfect for travel. USB rechargeable battery lasts up to 40 uses. Powered by 40,000 brush strokes per minute, the Elite Sonic Toothbrush removes more plaque and whitens better than a standard toothbrush. UV Sanitizing Charging Case effectively removes bacteria and germs while recharging the unit.

Key Benefits:
• Optimal clean: UV Sanitizer kills 99% of germs and bacteria on your brush heads.
• Two-Minute Smart Auto Timer promotes brushing for the ADA-recommended time, notifying you when to change areas
• One full charge that lasts up to two weeks
• Includes two brush heads and one interdental brush head so you can kiss plaque goodbye

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How to Use
1. To use your Elite Sonic Toothbrush, press the "Power" button followed by the "Mode" button to toggle between Clean, Dazzle, and Pulse.

2. The vibrations will pause every 30 seconds, notifying you when to change areas in your mouth, allowing you to brush the four quadrants (lower left, upper left, lower right, and upper right) for equal amounts of time.

3. Brush until the Elite Sonic turns off, and rinse brush head thoroughly after use.

4. If you don't need to use the brush for the full two-minute period, simply press the "Power" button to turn the device off.

5. To sanitize, ensure the Charging Base is plugged in safely, and place the brush head in the sanitizer compartment, with bristles toward the UV source, and close the UV Sanitizer Lid. The UV light will automatically turn on for a 7-minute cycle, killing 99% of the bacteria on your toothbrush head.

6. Make sure to replace the toothbrush heads every 2-3 months.

7. To charge your Elite Sonic Toothbrush, plug the travel case adapter into a USB port and then place the toothbrush handle in the dock. A full charge will take about 24 hours. A full charge will last about two weeks.

NOTE: Do not place the Elite Sonic in the charging base every night. Instead, carry out use until you reach the second-to-last or last bar on the battery indicator; then, place the toothbrush on the charging base until the next time you brush your teeth.
• 1 Elite Sonic Toothbrush
• 1 USB Charging Travel Case
• 2 Brush Heads
• 1 Interdental Brush Head
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Warranty: Warranted to be free of manufacturer's defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Damage or wear resulting from an accident, misuse, abuse, commercial use, or unauthorized adjustment and/or repair are not covered under this warranty.
Elite Sonic Toothbrush : with USB Charging Case has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 1028 reviews.

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