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Balance2 Digital Body Scale

$ 49.99

On. Off. Done. The Balance Digital Body Scale gives you clear digital and analog weight readout, and stores your information for future use. This eco-friendly, lightweight, and durable scale makes tracking your goals a breeze!
About the product
Not only is the Balance Digital Body Scale an aesthetically pleasing addition to your bathroom or weight room, but it also makes measuring your weight quick and simple. The lightweight and durable bamboo surface is naturally antimicrobial and adds a tasteful element of design to any space. With an easy analog and digital readout in either pounds or kilograms, this scale makes sure you're monitoring your weight your way. With the daily weigh-in reminder feature, you can have more accurate and informative weigh-ins. The auto-calibrated scale comes with battery-conserving On/Off technology, making it cutting edge, eco-friendly, and just plain convenient.

Key Benefits
• Easy to read and easy to use, because monitoring your weight doesn't have to be a chore
• 24-hour weigh-in reminders help keep on you track
• Lightweight, durable, and naturally antimicrobial bamboo surface
•Easy to use, compact, and travel-friendly
• 396-pound capacity

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How to Use
1. To use your Balance Digital Body Scale, insert three AAA batteries (included) by opening the battery compartment on the back of the scale. The LCD display will activate for five seconds and then shut off.

2. To activate the calibration, place the scale on a hard flat surface (not carpet), and press the center of the scale with your foot. Release your foot—the calibration will be complete when the LCD displays "0.0."

3. The Balance Digital Body Scale is pre-set to measure your weight in pounds. The Unit of Measure switch on the bottom of the scale will switch this measurement to kilograms.

4. To weigh yourself, step on the scale and stand still. The LCD display will flash three times and display your weight. Your indicated weight will display for approximately 15 seconds, or until you step off the scale.

5. To conserve battery power, once you step off the scale it will display your weight for 5 seconds. If the scale is turned on but no measurement is taken, the device will shut off automatically after five seconds.

6. To use the 24-Hour Reminder setting, select the 24H/Alarm button on the back of the scale at a time that suits your schedule. An alarm icon will appear on the LCD display, indicating that an alarm has been set. This alarm will beep every 24 hours to remind you to weigh in.

7. To turn off the 24-Hour Reminder, press the 24H/Alarm button again and the alarm icon will disappear from the LCD display. To silence the alarm, simply step onto the scale. If no measurement is taken, the alarm will automatically shut off after approximately 25 seconds.
1 Balance Digital Body Scale
Additional Information | FAQ
• Comes with a two-year warranty
• Operates on three AAA batteries (included)
• Intended for adult use only
• Keep this device away from infants and children
• This device is intended to solely measure and monitor weight
• Do not use this device on slippery and wet surfaces, or while you are wet
• Do not store this device where it can be exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, moisture, sunlight, or dust, or in any place where chemicals and cleaners are stored
Balance2 Digital Body Scale has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 72 reviews.

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