LED Acne Spot Treatment


Veil$ 39.99 $ 59.99

LED Acne Spot Treatment



LED Acne Spot Treatment

$ 39.99 $ 59.99


Stop acne before it starts.

Eliminate acne at its source with Veil, the portable, blue and red LED Acne Spot Treatment that penetrates skin to destroy acne-forming bacteria, calm inflammation and shrink pores.

Blue LED light is renowned for its ability to break down the DNA structure of bacteria. And, when it comes to breakouts, that means decreasing the length of the breakout, its severity and even its occurrence in the first place.

Also featuring red LED light, Veil increases circulation to infuse skin with nutrients and oxygen that support and promote cell health.

The best part? Unlike UV light, which can cause damage to our skin, LED light is completely harmless and easy to use.

Made in Newport Beach

Innovated in


Cruelty Free


Cruelty Free

FDA Cleared



  • Eliminates acne-forming bacteria and helps shrink pores
  • Calms swelling and inflammation, cleanses the skin and balances oil production
  • Helps prevent acne from forming
  • 100% of users saw a reduction in current acne, swelling and redness
  • More than 90% of users saw a reduction in breakout occurrences
  • Medical-grade blue and red LED lights are deep reaching
  • FDA-cleared
  • Veil - LED Acne Spot Treatment
  • Convenient Strap

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