Dual-Sided 1x/7x Magnifying Mirror

Gleam$ 69.99 $ 119.99

Dual-Sided 1x/7x Magnifying Mirror


Dual-Sided 1x/7x Magnifying Mirror

$ 69.99 $ 119.99


Gleam | Dual-Sided 1x/7x Magnifying Mirror.

Gleam is going to shed some major light on your beauty routine. From your skincare and makeup regimen to your oh-so important selfies, this mirror is an essential. It’s dual-sided with 1x & 7x magnification so you can get up close when you need to and take in the full picture when you don’t. With the ring light's 3 LED settings (Cool, Natural and Warm), Gleam lets you see how your makeup will look in any setting. The best part, it’s cordless, so you can move it around on your vanity or take it with you. 

Made in Newport Beach

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Cruelty Free


Cruelty Free

  • 3 LED Settings: Cool, Natural, Warm so you can see how you look in any lighting 
  • Diffused Ring Light for minimized shadow and perfect selfie lighting 
  • 1x & 7x Magnification so you can see close up and far away 
  • 360° flip rotation with tilt head design 
  • Simple ON/OFF/MODE Touch Switch 
  • Operated on 4xAA Batteries and cordless so you can move your mirror wherever you need it 
  • Comes with a 15-Minute Auto-Shutoff Timer for extended battery life 
Using Gleam
  1. Lay the mirror down on a flat, dry surface, remove the battery compartment cover, insert 4xAA batteries matching the polarity symbols, and then close the compartment
  2. Set the mirror upright, facing you so the Power Touch Switch is on the right side of the mirror 
  3. Tap the Power symbol to turn on the LED feature 
  4. Tap the Power symbol to cycle through cool light, natural light, and warm light, after which the device will turn OFF 
  5. Rotate the head of the mirror to flip between normal view and 7x magnified view (if you click the Touch Switch on one side, it controls both sides of the device

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