Hot and Cold Smart Facial Steamer

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30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

One Year Warranty

One Year Warranty on Devices

Our Senia Smart Hot & Cold Steamer elevates everyday grooming to spa level. Steam before shaving and exfoliation to prep skin, prevent in-grown hair, and purify using 1 of 6 relaxing, dual-temperature modes.

Key Benefits:

  • Smart steam technology w/digital display
  • Dual-temp aromatherapy mist
  • 6-in-1 steam modes for all skin types
  • Hot mode decongests
  • Cold mode tightens skin
  • Hydration mode adds moisture
  • Oil control mode clarifies
  • Removes stubborn residue and re-balances
  • Preps skin for a deeper shave
  • Minimizes in-grown hair, cleans pores and helps clear acne
  • Improves circulation and texture
  • Alleviates dry patches and softens skin
  • Ensures improved absorption of skincare products
  • Helps clear sinuses
  • Can be used over beard/facial hair


  • Sleek, matte black design
  • Includes aromatherapy essential oil basket, large water tank, and digital display
  • Customizable experience combats skin issues with dewy, restorative cleansing

1 - Senia | Hot and Cold Smart Facial Steamer

Remove facial products before steaming. Use day or night before shaving and exfoliation to prep and cleanse skin with1 of 6 relaxing, dual-temperature modes. Use to open pores and remove impurities, city grime, dead skin.

  • 6 settings that cater to all skin types and needs
  • Hot mode opens pores to better absorb skincare treatments, replenish moisture and extract blackheads.
  • Cold mode closes pores, tightens skin, and locks in moisture
  • Hydration mode moisturizes for optimal radiance and suppleness
  • Oil control mode regulates oil balance and clarifies clogged pores
  • Alternate hot and cold modes to double cleanse and give skin a youthful glow


User Manual

Want to learn how to use the Senia | Smart Facial Steamer? Check out our user manual below:

Senia Hot & Cold Facial Steamer User Manual



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Skin Type

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