Vanity Planet MoxiSpin - Rechargeable Facial Brush

MoxiSpin - Rechargeable Facial Brush

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The Vanity Planet MoxiSpin On-the-Go Facial Cleansing Brush is so super lightweight and compact that you’ll probably be surprised – shocked even – by the deep clean it delivers. It was meant for you to be able to take it with you anywhere, but that shouldn’t mean your skin should have to sacrifice. This little brush is gentle but powerful, and sweeps away dirt, oil, makeup, and dead skin cells that your hands just can’t, leaving behind soft, smooth, radiant skin.

About the product
Three interchangeable brush heads allow you to customize your routine: the Daily Cleansing Facial Brush with ultra-soft, nylon bristles for regular cleansing; the Exfoliating Brush Head with quick drying bristles to slough away pore-clogging dirt and dead skin cells; and the Silicone Cleansing Brush Head, which has flexible bristles that are able to massage away debris and hardened dead skin cells without irritating sensitive skin types. Additionally, the Vanity Planet MoxiSpin On-the-Go Facial Cleansing Brush has bi-directional spin action, which means you can manually alternate between your brush going clockwise and counterclockwise to prevent constant tugging on your skin in the same direction.

Because of the portability of the brush, it’s ideal for travel and tossing in your handbag or gym bag and the included storage case is large enough to carry both your USB charger and brush heads. The storage case also doubles as a counter stand for your brush while it’s not in use, so you can leave it upright to charge. While the brush is water-resistant, a built-in safety feature prevents it from turning on while it is plugged in.

  • The Vanity Planet MoxiSpin On-the-Go Facial Cleansing Brush is super small and lightweight, but its bi-directional spin action and interchangeable brush heads pack a big punch wherever you are
  • Gentle micro-massage technology sweeps away dirt, oil, and debris for a deep clean that leaves skin smooth and glowing in a way your hands just can’t
  • Included in package: MoxiSpin brush handle, Daily Cleansing Facial Brush Head, Exfoliating Facial Brush Head, Silicone Cleansing Brush Head, USB charger, and travel/storage case for brush heads and USB charger
  • Water-resistant for use in the bath and shower
  • Safety feature keeps brush handle from turning on when it is plugged in
  • Brush heads should be replaced every 2-3 months
Replacement Brushes

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How to Use
Attach the brush head of your choice to the Vanity Planet MoxiSpin On-the-Go Facial Cleansing Brush. Remove eye makeup with a makeup remover wipe. Dampen both the brush head and your skin and apply your favorite cleanser or exfoliator to the brush head or work into a lather onto your skin.

Place the brush flush against your skin and press the On/Off button to turn on the Vanity Planet MoxiSpin On-the-Go Facial Cleansing Brush. Gently move the brush head in small circular motions across the area you are cleansing or exfoliating, taking care not to press too hard; let the bristles do the work.

Press the On/Off button again to turn off the Vanity Planet MoxiSpin On-the-Go Facial Cleansing Brush. Thoroughly rinse the brush head of any residue or exfoliator particles, blot excess water, and leave out to dry. Once brush head is completely dry, store in storage case until next use.
The MoxiSpin package includes all of the following:

1 Rechargeable, Single-Speed, Bi-Directional, Water-Resistant MoxiSpin Handle

1 Daily Cleansing Facial Brush: made of ultra-soft, nylon bristles perfect for delicate, tender facial skin.

1 Exfoliating Facial Brush: made of nylon hygienic, quick-drying bristles designed to wipe away bacteria and debris in both the lower and surface layers of the skin.

1 Silicone Facial Brush: made of silicone bristles that provide luxurious and penetrating exfoliation, while separating dead and hardened skin cells from the deep living layer of the skin. For those with oily skin or sensitive skin, the Silicone Brush can cleanse the skin without causing irritation and inflammation.

1 USB Charging Cord: recharge your device when not in use.

1 Facial Brush and USB Cord Storage Case / Counter Stand:a multi-purpose piece that acts as a counter stand and storage case to conveniently store brush heads, and USB cord.
Additional Information | FAQ
Caring for the Vanity Planet MoxiSpin On-the-Go Facial Cleansing Brush

Rinse your brush heads thoroughly after each use. If it is discolored from makeup or debris, clean with warm, soapy water and allow to dry. Do not use exfoliators with large, hard particles such as nuts or shells with the Vanity Planet MoxiSpin On-the-Go Facial Cleansing Brush. Do not submerge in water or use abrasive cleansers. Clean the base and handle once a week with a slightly damp cloth. Replace brush heads every 2-3 months. Daily Cleansing Facial Brush, Exfoliating Facial Brush, and Silicone Cleansing Brush heads are available MoxiSpin FAQ

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MoxiSpin - Rechargeable Facial Brush has a rating of 4.1 stars based on 81 reviews.

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