10 Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy and Vibrant This Summer

It's time for backyard bar-b-q's and summer pool parties. As the warm weather approaches, you'll want to keep your skin protected and looking great. 

To keep your skin healthy and vibrant this summer, try these quick, easy, and affordable summer skin care to keep your skin looking its best.

Use sunscreen.

With skin cancer as the most common form of cancer in the U.S., it's vital to wear your sunscreen this summer. A sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30 should suffice, as it blocks out up to 97% of UV rays. Cover your arms, legs, face, and any part of your body that will get exposure to the sun. Most sunscreens will offer protection for several hours, so don't forget to reapply throughout the day as necessary. 

While sunscreen helps protect against skin cancer, it also protects against sun damage, which over time can cause your skin to wrinkle, as it loses moisture. Although tanned skin looks great, it's actually damaged skin. So to keep your skin looking smooth and firm as you age, take the time to protect it now. 

Cool off with an ice roller. While ice rollers can moisturize and refresh your skin anytime of year, in summer, they're just a treat. Ice rollers are affordable and easy to use, and they help keep your skin looking vibrant, even as you sweat it out through the summer heat.

Ice rollers can help keep your skin firm, helping to reduce wrinkles, and they also reduce the appearance of redness, which can pose an embarrassing problem during the warm weather months. They also give you a great chance to cool off during the day as you rub the smooth, icy roller over your sweltering skin. 

Don't stop washing.

It's important to remain disciplined with your nightly skin care routine during the summer months. Not only can your skin become clogged with sweat and dirt, but sunscreens themselves can also lead to breakouts, as they leave the skin quite oily. Protect your skin during the day, but let it breathe overnight.

Hydrate your skin.

Warm weather zaps your body of moisture, and that includes your skin. You may find your face and legs feel dryer and look a little more flaky as the summer drags on. To avoid dullness from dehydration, make sure to keep your skin well hydrated. Apply a hydrating face mask, or use a new cleanser that offers greater hydration.

Exfoliate everywhere.While it's important to exfoliate any time of year, your skin will certainly need it over the summer, as it clogs with sunscreen, sweat, and dead skin from dehydration. Exfoliate everywhere -- your face, arms, and legs, too. Try using a soothing body brush to exfoliate your skin and leave it looking refreshed and rejuvenated all summer long. 

Treat sun damaged skin.

Don't just protect your skin, repair it. As your skin tans throughout the summer, you need to remove the damaged skin. While exfoliating helps, 

Keep the bugs away with essential oils. 

From peppermint to lemon to lavender to eucalyptus, essential oils offer effective, natural protection against those flying pests this summer, so you can avoid using harmful, pore-clogging bug sprays. 

Take a closer look at eye masks.

Sun and heat can prove especially taxing on the thin, delicate skin below your eyes and may leave you with dark circles. Try using a gel eye mask at night to soothe your skin and reduce puffiness.

Don't forget your feet!

Feet can get especially dry and cracked during the summer, especially as you trod around in flip flops. Keep your feet feeling smooth and looking great with a nourishing foot scrub.

Drink plenty of water.Hydrate your body, as well as your skin. A well-hydrated body keeps skin looking vibrant, and leaves you feeling energized, too.

If you are looking for the best way to care for your skin this summer, stay connected with us to learn more about the best routine for you.

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