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Vibe | Professional Vibrating Flat Iron: bringing you silky, smooth hair like never before

Posted on May 08 2017

So you have an important interview, a romantic night out, or you simply want to look and feel fantastic as you go about your day, but when it comes to styling your hair, it feels like you're preparing for battle. You want to straighten your hair, but all it ever seems to do is go from curly to wavy even after what feels like hours of work. You tip your head and pull your hair in every direction to prevent kinks near your scalp and snags on the way down. Traditional flat irons are slow to warm, struggle with even heat distribution and clamp down on your hair leaving it dull, lifeless, and prone to split ends.

Straightening your hair should never be so difficult! This is why we're introducing the Vibe Professional Vibrating Flat Iron. We've thought of all the inconveniences of traditional flat irons and worked hard to bring you a product that will finally leave you kink-free and ready to wow your friends and family.

Are you often in a morning rush? Do you not want to spend a long time every morning re-straightening your hair? We have you covered. The Vibe Professional Vibrating Flat Iron has a PTC ceramic heating core that not only evenly distributes heat, but it quickly heats to and maintains your desired temperature for fast, easy styling that'll last until your next hair wash.

This flat iron's even heat distribution and soft vibrations reduces friction so your hair glides effortlessly between the Korean Tourmaline Ceramic coated plates. The vibration eliminates the risk of kinks near your roots, and without any snagging, you'll finally be able to tame even the wildest hair! After a conveniently fast styling, you'll no longer have to worry about redoing your efforts day after day. The Korean Tourmaline Ceramic plates seal moisture into the hair shaft, so your hair will stay silky smooth long after you straighten it. Style your hair once and flaunt it for days. But silky smooth hair isn't everything: the built-in ion generator guarantees maximum shine to perfect the photo-finished look.

The Vibe Professional Vibrating Flat Iron is exceptionally easy to use. Once you plug it in and hit the "On" switch, it will be hot and ready to go in a mere three minutes. Separate a 2 inch section of hair to straighten, close the iron on it, and it'll automatically begin gently vibrating so you can effortlessly pull it from your roots to your ends. Hit the "off" switch and allow the plates to cool before storage. Just be sure your hair is dried and combed before you begin, and let your hair cool down before giving it a final comb-through. It's as easy as that!

Feel beautiful from the inside out. When you have fewer things to worry about, you free up space to relax and love yourself. When you have the space to relax, you start your day with a glowing radiance and confidence. You'll feel prepared to handle anything. Let the Vibe Professional Vibrating Flat Iron reduce your morning stress and free up time to care for your skin, perfect your makeup, or devote some time to health and wellness. Take care of yourself, enjoy your mornings to set the tone of your day, and flourish.

As with all of our products, the Vibe Professional Vibrating Flat Iron is certified 100% Cruelty Free, so you can rest easy knowing your purchase is supporting humane practices. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to reach us here, and be sure to check out our blog for all the latest in health and beauty!


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