The 7 Step Guide to Creating an Everyday Look with Palette

When you’re getting ready to go out, you may want bold lines, bright colors and a bit of sparkle thrown in to really make you stand out. These looks aren’t the best for everyday activities, though. Work, shopping or running errands require something a bit more subtle.

To create an everyday look, choose the more neutral tones in your makeup bag. You’ll also need a quality brush set to apply them properly or your natural look will look anything but. A simple routine for applying these layers is also a must, getting you ready for your day in very little time. These steps will help get you started!

Step #1 – Foundation

When choosing the right foundation, you not only need to match your skin tone, you need to match your skin type as well. Once you’ve chosen the right product, applying it is simple, using your fingertips and a foundation brush. First, dab four spots of foundation around your face. Use the brush to blend it in, brushing back and forth across your forehead and chin. When working on your cheeks, it’s better to brush down, moving away from the center of your face. This spreads the foundation evenly over your entire face.

Step #2 – Concealer

Concealer helps mask dark circles under the eyes and other small blemishes, so you don’t need to use it over your whole face. Instead, apply a few dabs under your eyes and directly on those spots that you’d like to cover. Use a brush to smooth out the product, then use a fingertip to dab it again. Your natural body heat will help it to blend, giving it the perfect natural finish.

Step #3 – Powder


Powder is another product you need the right brush for. A kabuki brush works best, thanks to its large surface for amazing coverage. Put some powder on the brush, tap it to remove the excess, then use a circular motion to spread it over your face. This type of application helps buffer it into your skin, which gives you a clean, natural finish that smaller brushes or makeup pads can’t compete with.

Step #4 – Bronzer

Contouring is great for defining specific areas of your face, including your cheekbones, chin, and nose. Unfortunately, this type of makeup application only looks good at night, in the dim light of a bar or nightclub. During the day, contouring is the last thing you want. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to avoid your bronzer. Instead, you need to apply it in a very specific way for an everyday look.

First, start with the right tool. In this case, a large fluffy brush. Swirl it in the bronzer, tap it to remove any excess product and apply it. Start at the outer side of your cheeks, sweeping up and down, working your way towards the middle of your face. Then you can move on to your chin, forehead, and neck, adding a light layer to these areas as well.

Step #5 – Blush

A blush brush is called this because, of course, it is the perfect tool for adding some blush. These brushes are full and fluffy, blending the color in evenly. There are different shades of blush to choose from, including peachy to pink tones. Try out a few colors to find the right one for your skin tone. When you’re ready to apply, give your reflection a smile and apply the blush to the top half of this area, called the apple of the cheek.

Step #6 – Eyes

For your eyes, a simple routine is best. Start with a light bone shade, covering the entire lid using a shadow brush. Add a taupe colored shadow, dabbing it on the bottom of the lid with a denser shadow brush, working up towards the crease. Then take an angled brush, dip it a bit of water and apply some powder liner. You can use green, blue or brown, whichever one works best to bring out your eyes. Now you’re ready for mascara. Pat the wand with a tissue to remove the excess product, then apply it, wiggling it as you move out to the tip of the lash. This method reduces lash clumps.

Step #7 – Lips

The lips can use a bit of color but you don’t want to go overboard. Use a light pink shade for the lipstick, with a complementary gloss. To keep the color more subtle, dab a bit of the lipstick onto your bottom lip. Then rub your lips together. Apply the gloss to bring out the shade and you’re done.

This everyday routine takes very little time to put together and is even easier to do, giving you a gorgeous natural look that highlights your best features.

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