Skinimalism... Have You Tried 2021's Hottest Beauty Trend

3-Steps to Your Best Summer Skin—No Filter Needed. 

Summer is here and everyone is on the go go GO— from the much-needed travel we’ve all been dying to do to bonfires on the beach with friends. To save ourselves some time, we’re simplifying our routine and trying Skinimalism.

So… What in the heck is skinimalism? Think minimalism for your skin! This year’s largest beauty trend is encouraging us to strip down our beauty routine, leave our skin basically bare, wearing close to no makeup, but still obtaining a youthful, Bond-girl glow. It may seem like we are talking about some strange beauty phenomenon, but we don’t kid around about summer glow. 

In a few words, Skinimalism is taking your 10 step skincare routine and simplifying it. With only a few fave skincare tools, you’ll create the perfect canvas for a dewy complexion without the drawn-out routine (ain’t nobody got time for that!). Don’t believe us? We’ve made it easy for you—just follow these 3 simple steps. 

Step #1: Cleanse

The first step in every skinimalism skincare routine is keepin’ it so fresh and so clean, clean—AKA: WASH YOUR DANG FACE! We recommend reaching for your Raedia Facial Cleansing Brush to detoxify and cleanse out impurities from pores, while buffing the surface layer of your skin with whatever pressure you prefer. 

Wanna get your bod glowing from head to toe, too? No problem. This handy-dandy set also includes a brush head for your body, plus a carrying case for when you’re heading out on your next getaway.

Another tool we’ve been turning on lately has been our LEDA Blue LED Light Brush. This small, but smart skincare brush cleanses using blue LEDs, helps prevent future breakouts, and fights acne-causing bacteria all at the push of a button—yup, it’s that easy.

Step #2: Prep

Now’s the time to make the most out of your skincare by prepping for the ultimate product absorption. The only way to do that is steam, baby, steam! Sit back and relax for a minute or 10 with either our Aira Ionic Facial Steamer or Senia Hot and Cold Facial Steamer

Both aromatically work to help open pores, purify the skin, and luxuriously hydrate for a dewiness that’ll last all day. After you’ve prepped the skin with a good amount of steam, you’re good to glow and ready to absorb all the yummy benefits from your skincare products!

Step 3: Treat

Here’s the part of the program where you get to play “aesthetician.” Just like a trip to the spa, you’ll whip out the ultimate triple-threat tool—our Essia Ultrasonic Exfoliating Skin Spatula. With 3 powerful modes, you’ll exfoliate, moisturize, and lift your way to that long-lasting summer glowup you’ve been wishing for. 

Exfoliate using the spatula to rid clogged-up pores of any blackheads or debris. Then flip it over and apply serums and moisturizers in the coolest way possible. You’ll finish by lifting the skin where you need it most—around the eyes and maybe along the jawline. The result is youthful, radiant skin…and you got it all on your own in your home! 

At the end of the day, summer is about being your carefree, youthful self—just you and your gorgeous skinimalism skin! No makeup. No filters. No fuss.

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