Skincare Tools for Men, They'll Actually Want to Use

Introducing VP's ONYX Collection, Made with Him in Mind

Men’s skin is different from women. It is thicker, has more collagen, elastin, and oil, all of which can help in the fight against Father Time. However, these assets can act as a double-edged sword. Oily skin, for instance, can cause clogged pores. Thick skin grows rough with shaving, which also breaks down the all-important skin barrier. And men, generally speaking, are often ignorant about skin care basics.  

An Acupoll Precision Research online survey revealed that 33% of men admit they don’t wash their face on a daily basis. 32% use bar soap. 45% think that is as effective as a facial cleanser.  And men 18-24 are twice as likely not to wash their face at all (compared with men 45-54).  So, as we proudly introduce our new Onyx Collection, here are those skin care basics that men need, too.

Skin Care Basics For Men:

Get a deep clean


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Whether we’re talking women’s or men’s skincare, Everything starts with a deep, yet gentle cleanse. Soap and water just aren’t going to give that to you. Remember: men have an oilier complexion, which promotes clogged pores, blackheads, blemishes while retaining residual dirt, grime, and bacteria. You need to get all that off, without stripping the skin.

This is why we suggest starting with our Raedia Facial Cleansing Brush. Four interchangeable, dual speed brush heads gently remove all that oil and dirt. You’ll get a much cleaner shave, and, as importantly, a much cleaner face (and body!) which is fundamental to skin care.

Steam and moisturize


skincare tools for men, senia hot and cold facial steamer, skincare tools for men, men's skin care routine


Okay, now that we have dealt with what’s on the skin, we need to extract what’s in it. Which means opening up the pores. And, while we are at it, we also want to moisturize. Hydration gives skin a suppleness, which promotes a much smoother shave, along with a youthful look.

And guys, just an FYI, nobody escapes Father Time.

So, for this second step, you will be well served by our Senia Smart Hot and Cold Steamer, which has a six-in-one steam mode for all types of skin. Hot mode opens the pores to help you achieve the closest shave you’ve ever had while reducing post shave irritation. Plus it preps your skin for the removal of ingrown hairs, blackheads, all that undesirable gunk mentioned above. Hydration mode moisturizes, and, finally, a cold mode, that closes pores, tightens skin, while locking moisture in. 



essia ultrasonic skin spatula, skin care tools for men, men's skincare, simple skincare for men


The next step in his skincare routine entails actually extracting all that unwanted debris - a process also known as exfoliation.  For this, we spotlight the third ‘jewel’ in our collection: the Essia Ultrasonic Exfoliating Skin Spatula.  Using Ultra High Frequency Oscillation, and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS),  the Essia removes those blackheads, ingrown hairs, etc., as it lifts and tightens facial contours, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Check yourself out


travel mirror, skincare for men, men's skin care routine, simple skincare for men, skin care tools


Time to review your handiwork. However, even a beloved bathroom mirror can’t give the focused inspection you need. And who says you are at home? So, on to the final component of the Onyx Collection: the Mini Pose LED Travel Mirror

Sleek, portable, with three adjustable light settings in bright, warm, and cool, the Mini Pose lets you get up close and personal with your skin. The better to see if there is any spot you missed, as well as where to apply skin care products.

So, gentlemen, there you have it: the four, foundational basics of good skin care, and how our Onyx Collection covers each one. Use all four components, and your complexion will thank you for spa grade grooming, wherever you go.

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