Shower Basics: Say Goodbye to Dandruff and Hello to Hair Growth

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Shower Basics: Say Goodbye to Dandruff and Hello to Hair Growth

Posted on March 01 2017

Spring is just around the corner, which means you may be spending some extra time out in the sun very soon.  With the warm weather comes some challenges for your hair: humidity can cause your hair to frizz, and the sun can cause your scalp to peel.  Nobody wants these factors to keep us from growing out long, beautiful hair. Unfortunately, however, the high maintenance of spring and summer can cause many women to just cut their hair and be rid of the responsibilities. What if I told you that instead of getting frustrated and chopping your locks, you could just cool things down in your shower while using a scalp massager? 

That's right, I'm talking about rinsing your hair with cold water! Then letting the scalp invigorator do the rest of the work. Cold water is a necessity in hair growth basics, but that doesn't mean your entire shower has to be cold.  Even suggests hydrotherapy (transitioning from hot to cold water when rinsing your hair) for people who want to grow out their hair and make it stronger. Hydrotherapy increases the circulation to your scalp and makes your hair healthier. Cold water also hydrates your hair and moisturizes it. When you add this to the use of a scalp massager, you can get rid of your dead skin cells and keep your hair clean. 

Growing your hair thicker and stronger is easy and doesn't have to add any extra time to your morning routine. Simply get the Vanity Planet Groove | Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush and bring it with you in the shower.  Use this tool to shampoo your hair and it will clean out the dirt and dried skin on your scalp. It will also increase the circulation to your scalp while you relax knowing it breaks up the shampoo residue that can often get left in your hair when you do not use a scalp invigorator. When your hair is clean and your scalp is massaged, rinse with cold water to keep your hair hydrated. 

Don't let the warm weather take away the spring in your step and the bounce in your long hair. 

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