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Playing With Clay: Finding The Perfect Face Mask For Your Skin Type!

Posted on May 05 2017

You've got your morning skin care routine down to an exact science: wash, exfoliate, rinse, tone, moisturize, then apply makeup. But are you paying enough attention to the details? A thorough daily skin care routine is extremely important, but most of us forget about the little things that can work wonders on wonky complexions. From exfoliating scrubs and redness-reducing serums, to oil-reducing washes and soothing creams, there are literally hundreds of products that cater to just about any skin care needs. Out of these heaven-sent skin soothers, one stands out in particular: clay masks! From dry or oily skin to acne and discoloration, a simple mud mask can take care of a number of issues in one fell swoop. Give your face (and soul) a refreshing lift by using a mask that suits your skin type and specific needs. To help you choose the perfect mask for your skin type, here are the main types of skin and what luxurious face mask we recommend to use with each: 


Normal Skin

Not too dry, not too oily-- those with this Goldilocks complexion have little trouble finding a product that will work with their skin type. Normal skin shows diminished pores, dewy and glowing complexion, little to no sensitivity to products or environment, and is smooth and without imperfections, like acne. Because normal skin is balanced and versatile, the products you choose should concentrate on exfoliation and basic moisturization, while nourishing your delicate facial skin. For those with this skin type, we recommend Flower Child Rose Moroccan Red Clay Mask to really complement your natural gift of beautiful skin. This simply superb clay mask keeps normal types right where they need to be, while exfoliating, moisturizing, and reinvigorating your marvelous mug to perfection. As if that weren't already amazing, this mask stimulates circulation in your face, leaving you positively glowing with health and beauty!


Oily or Combination Skin

Oily skin and acne are extremely common skin afflictions, and most often occur at the same time. Gals with oily skin can expect larger pores, shiny complexions, and a build-up of sebum (natural oils of the skin) that leads to blackheads and other blemishes. Combination skin is both oily and dry but in different areas of the face, and can be hard to treat with just one product. The causes range from hormones to weather, and even the time of year! Because acne and blemishes are more likely to pop up with oily skin, a charcoal-infused skin saver like Wild Woman Activated Charcoal Clay Mask can help you purify and balance imperfection-prone skin. This magical salve evens out water and oil production and leaves you with a more vibrant, more refreshed complexion. Say "goodbye" to tricky skin care routines, and use the one mask to rule them all!

Dry Skin

Dry skin is caused by many different things, including age and hormonal changes, weather, and even genetics. This skin type is characterized by visible fine lines, red patches, and flakiness, with the skin appearing dull, dry, and lifeless; acne can even be triggered by a lack of natural oils, adding extra difficulties to managing dry skin. Though many remedies to dry skin are as simple as a small lifestyle change, hormonal or genetic dryness will need that extra nudge to stay looking fresh and healthy. To combat dryness, let Zen Goddess Green Tea Clay Mask restore healthy, balanced moisture and radiance to dry, sensitive skin! This all-natural and soothing mask will help counteract irritation created by dryness with its unique antibacterial superpowers, leaving your face flower-fresh and feelin' just fine.

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