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Makeup Tutorials: Get That Flawless Face For Spring And Summer

Posted on May 10 2017

The world of beauty can be overwhelming considering the product choices, deciding on what you need, and how to apply it. That's why the first thing you should do is decide on a specific makeup look that you want to achieve.

Regardless of your look, remember the key rule: blending is your best friend. Here's a makeup tutorial that can provide you with a natural, dewy, and beautiful look just in time for spring and fall.

How to Achieve a Flawless Face

The Face

Step 1

Before you begin your makeup, be sure that you have a foundation you like; the right foundation should match your skin tone. In addition, be aware of the type of coverage it offers. For example, a sheer foundation might not be able to hide imperfections to the same degree as a full coverage foundation.

Step 2

Primers are a great way to get your skin ready for foundation. The purpose of a primer is to give a base for your foundation to stick to, giving it a greater chance to last all day long. Again, the choices in primer vary wildly in quality and cost, so be sure to choose one you like.

Step 3

Applying your primer works best with your fingers or a flat top kabuki brush. Then, then it's time to move onto foundation. A flat top kabuki bruch also works ideally here, as it gives you the ability to gently stipple your foundation into your skin. If you don't apply your foundation correctly, you can end up with an uneven finish, or even with streaks or lines on your face. Instead, stipple and blend the foundation into your skin until you get your desired look. 

Step 4

Your next step should be to add concealer. Here, you can benefit greatly from a makeup technique called highlighting and contouring. Apply the concealer, which should be a lighter lighter than your actual skin color, in a triangular shape underneath your eyes. Then, add a small amount in the middle of your forehead, and some on your chin or around your mouth.

Highlighting under the eyes not only works to hide dark circles, but it brings light to the center of your face. By highlighting these areas of your face, you give your face more dimension. Be sure to blend out your concealer with a brush or a sponge.

After you're finished, add some translucent powder to put on under your eyes. This powder helps to set the concealer, and keeps it from caking or creasing. You don't need to use much, just enough to take away any moisture that you will feel from the makeup.

Step 5

Once you've powdered your undereye area and the center of your face, use a little powder to dust over the rest of your face. This powder can be either translucent or in the same color as your foundation. It's another step in making sure that your makeup will last all day. 

Step 6

Highlighting and contouring are an important part of your makeup routine, but you can decide on how much or how little you'd like to do. For a more natural look, a little bronzer will go a long way.

Simply take your bronzer and start at your forehead, tracing the number three around the side of your face: bring the middle of the three onto your cheeks and then finish off around your chin. This step tends to add some warmth to your skin, while also giving your face a beautiful shape. Be sure to use a light hand to achieve a more natural look. Once finished, you can apply a little blush on your cheeks.

The final step for your face is the highlighter. This step will be crucial in giving your skin a dewy and glowing look. Using a fan brush, apply some highlighter to the top of your cheekbones and on your cupids bow above your top lip. You will add that last bit of dimension to your look. 

The Eyes

Step 1

You can choose to use an eyeshadow primer if you want, but some foundation applied on your eyes works just as well. In fact, this simple trick will help your eyeshadow stick all day long. For a neutral and natural look in the eye area, you only need three colors.

Depending on your skin tone, pick a shade that's a few steps darker than your actual skin tone. For example, if you are really fair, then a product in the light peach shade would be ideal. The best way to apply the primer or foundation is with a fluffy brush, which you can use to blend it into your crease. This step is especially effective in adding depth to your eyes. 

Step 2

Next, take a slightly darker shade than you used in the previous step, and apply it to your crease with a smaller brush. Keep this shadow a little lower and closer to your eyelid. Then, take that first fluffy brush, and without adding anymore product simply take it back over the two shadows you've applied. This simple blending trick will give you a seamless look.

Then, you can decide if you want to add a lighter shadow on your eyelid. If you do, your eyes will appear bright and open. If you want to add a shimmer or a matte shadow on your eyelid, either will look great with this look. Once you're done, take some of the highlighter you used earlier. Apply it under your brow bone and in the inner corner of your eye, the tear duct, to give you a bright-eyed appearance.

Step 3

For this look, the final step simply consists of applying your favorite mascara. You can put on false eyelashes if you wish, but it's not necessary to achieve a beautiful (and natural) look.


The choice in your lips' role in this look is yours. A simple nude lip gloss or works as well as colorful lipstick, so pick whatever you feel the most confident with. Some women don't like wearing lipstick at all, while others love it. In this look, feel free to go with your preference and comfort level. Even for a simple overall look, a bold lip will look great. 

Makeup is a great way to enhance your natural beauty. And when you make sure that you blend, even a higher degree of makeup can still look beautiful and natural. Of course, the most important part of your routine is to make sure you have the right tools available. Having a great set of brushes, for example, will help you achieve that flawless face all the time. To learn more about our brushes, please contact us.



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