Let's Gua Sha! The Benefits of Your New Favorite Facial Tool

Looks like a Crystal, Works like a Facial Roller

Sure, you’ve seen facial rollers and all the buzz about high-tech tools these days, but what if you could de-puff and perfect the skin with a sliver of jade or quartz? Let’s dive deeper into our latest obsession—the all-natural, contouring Gua Sha.

The magic of the ancient multi-use beauty tool, Gua Sha (pronounced gwah-shah), was first discovered by traditional Eastern wellness practices. As an acupuncturist treated the body of patients with a cold, slim stone to increase circulation and blood flow, he noticed areas would lose the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well (woo hoo!). It was then that the Gua Sha began to appear in beauty arsenals and hands of gurus around the globe.

The Gua Sha is not only a lot lighter on the wallet than invasive surgeries or procedures like Botox™ or facial peels, but it’s easy to use anytime, anywhere (ahem…like in the bed while watching Bridgerton!).

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o   PREP: Start with silky skin (using serums or oils) for an easy-to-glide Gua Sha canvas.

o   GLIDE: Use your Amora Gua Sha (exclusively available in our BYOB Bundle!) in long upward movements with medium pressure, gliding upwards towards the hairline.

o   REPEAT: Continue in the same motions along the neck, cheeks, and jawline—a good 15-20 minute treatment should do!

o   CLEAN: Between uses, spritz your Amora Gua Sha with rubbing alcohol to assure a clean glide every time.

o   HYDRATE: It’s always good to drink lots of water before and after use of your Gua Sha to help de-puff and move impurities out of your bod!

PSSST…PRO TIP! We love stashing our Gua Sha tool in our Fria Skincare Fridge! The cooler temps help restrict the blood vessels which further tightens and de-puffs to perfection.


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Now that you’re done treating yourself, sit back, relax, and enjoy all the naturally good benefits from your Gua Sha. Starting with the drainage from your lymphatic system. This system holds toxins in the body, tissues, and muscles and the Gua Sha helps to remove the unwanted waste from your system, while leaving skin with an all-day glow—so, you’ll feel drained, but in a good way!

Another benefit is the sculpting of the jaw, cheeks, face, and neck. Using your Gua Sha daily can help you achieve a better facial structure immediately and over time.

This centuries-old technique helps to increase collagen production (Less wrinkles? Yes, please!) by improving circulation and blood flow. Plus, your Gua Sha will also release muscle tension, lift the skin, and contour the face right from home—a lot easier than making an appointment with your derma.

No matter when or where you decide to use your Gua Sha, you’re guaranteed to experience a relaxing, detoxifying treatment from the palm of your own hands.

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